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    What’s the Difference Between Military Firearms and Civilian Firearms?

    Military Firearms

    One of the greatest freedoms we have as Americans is the right to keep and bear arms.

    If you’re thinking of buying a gun to defend your life and property from tyranny then you’re likely on the lookout for the most powerful guns available.

    While you’ve likely already got your eyes on civilian firearms you might also want to consider military firearms.

    But, is there a specific difference between military firearms compared to civilian firearms?

    Here’s what you need to know about military firearms:

    What Are Military Firearms?

    There isn’t a set legal definition at present about what constitutes military grade firearms. Often, assault weapons that are popular among the military are classified as such.

    These military firearms include M-16s, M-4s, and AR-15s, among many others. These are assault weapons that are able to fire at faster speeds and offer continuous firing.

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    As a result, there’s no legal difference between military firearms and civilian firearms.

    You can look up military grade firearms and accessories online. You can find, for example, FN-HERSTAL products that might be available in your jurisdiction.

    At the moment, the Second Amendment protects your right to own any assault weapons that get classified as military grade firearms. However, the laws of your state might make it harder to buy.

    As these firearms are more intense compared to ordinary civilian firearms, you’ll want to get the appropriate training before buying them.

    You must to your local gun range to learn if they offer courses on how to use military firearms as they require added responsibility!

    The Controversies Behind Military Firearms

    So you might be wondering why call such assault weapons “military grade firearms” if they aren’t exclusive for the military?

    A major reason is because of the harm they can do. Sadly, these assault weapons have been used in mass shootings to kill innocent Americans. Think of any recent mass shooting and it’s likely that such military firearms were used.

    However, there have been a few times in our nation’s history when ordinary Americans have had to depend on military grade firearms. They used these firearms to defend themselves against tyranny.

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    The two major examples are those of the residents of Rajneeshpuram, Oregon and those of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. These two communities were under heavy scrutiny by outsiders.

    Both communities had to depend on military firearms to defend their land.  These examples have often been used as a justification to own military firearms.

    As a result, while some consider these firearms a menace, others see it as crucial for Americans to own. 

    Learn More About Military Firearms

    Now you understand that there’s no difference between military firearms and civilian firearms. However, the former are more intense and the right to own them is under constant attack.

    Check if online retailers can ship military firearms and accessories to your state. Make sure you take classes at your local gun range to prepare using these military firearms.

    There have sadly been instances when ordinary Americans have gotten killed by military firearms. There have also been times when Americans have used them for protection.

    You can find more articles on guns on our website!

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