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Where Can I Bet on Sports Online?

Where Can I Bet on Sports Online?

If you’re sceptical about betting on your favourite sports at brick and mortar establishments or if your close friends are reluctant to wager their money against your superior betting skills, look no further! In this article we briefly introduce things to look out for when selecting online sports betting companies and give you a comprehensive list of the top websites where you can place your bets!

The following questions are important to ask and find an answer for when your looking for an ideal online betting establishment.

Does the website serve the area I live in?

Sportsbooks in will always make it clear where their base of operation is and what areas they are licenced in. Before you place any bets, ensure that the website you are on operates accordingly to rules and regulation of the country you are betting from and is licenced by your local or national authority. 

Most of the time, the is a failsafe include on the websites themselves as they will not allow you to place an initial deposit unless you are in an authorized region. 

How long has the Sportsbook been around?

As a rule, the older the enterprise is, the more trustworthy they are. The website of a sports betting establishment that has been around for a long time is generally more well established, has clear records of financial solvency and very unlikely to create any situations where your money is lost, or the company is unable to honour pay-outs. Especially when you’re starting out experience and consistence presence on the market are key indicators to look out for. 

What type of bets can I place?

Not every sports betting website will cater for every type of sport. Very popular sports such as soccer, American football, basketball and baseball are catered for on most sites. More obscure sports such as Greyhound racing may only be covered by specific sportsbooks. Even within popular sports however, they may be limited coverage that only allows bets on certain divisions or specific championships. Along other considerations, it is important to research widely and find the website that caters to your specific interests. 

How can I deposit and withdraw money?

Before you decide to place any bets, set out clear expectations for how you want to deposit and withdraw money, for example, check vs debit or credit card, and ensure that the online sportsbook you are looking to place a bet with offers the required services. In addition, ensure that you know and can fund the minimum bet requirement as this can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Finally ensure that you know and are happy with the amount minimum and maximum withdrawal values so that your money isn’t frozen on the website when you would ideally like to transfer it to your bank account.

Best Places to Bet on Sports Online

Below is the list of best websites to place sports bets on. Please note that most are geared towards the US and Europe, but they are all accessible from most places around the world. However, always make sure that online sports betting is legal in the country you are currently in before using any of these services:

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  • Betway
  • 888Sport
  • WilliamHill
  • Ladbrokes
  • BetVictor
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • BetMGM
  • PointsBet
  • FoxBet



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