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Where can You Put an Enamel Pin?

In Fashion
March 18, 2021
Where can You Put an Enamel Pin?

Have you ever felt that you’re fully dressed up but still missing something? For some people, it has become compulsory to wear enamel pins because they consider themselves incomplete without wearing something surprising. 

Well, wearing an enamel pin highlights your concerns about a specific organization, a clothing brand, or any other thing. 

There is no fixed domain of enamel pins. Different kinds of enamel pins exist, and you can style them in numerous ways. Everyone would like to dress up according to the hot trends, and the recent trend is to wear cute little enamel pins on clothing. Isn’t it a fun thing? 

Now, one might wonder what is an enamel pin exactly and where can you put an enamel pin? People are curious to know more styles of wearing them. 

Here you will explore all the amazing fun facts and styles you can adopt while wearing enamel pins. 

So, let’s begin!

What are Enamel Pins?

Many people don’t have an idea about enamel pins, and when they hear this term, they can’t even guess what it is. Well, enamel pins are metal pins or badges worn on clothes. The pin can either be a statement, design, or any other sticker. You can attach them to the lapel of a jacket, even on your day-to-day random clothes. 

These pins look very cute and creative on clothes. It gives a bit of a different look to an individual and grooms his personality in a pretty amusing way. 

Now, after knowing about what these pins are, people often ask about their availability.

Where can you get enamel pins?

For the people interested in these enamel pins, the first question that comes to mind is that they can find these pins. Getting your hands on them is not a difficult thing in the current era because you can find them using online platforms as well as in some shopping stores. 

Usually, they are available in clothing outlets. In all different styles, they look pretty adorable on clothes. Some of the places which sell cute little enamel pins include:

  • Bling spot
  • Made Well
  • Zazzle
  • Pin-It Up
  • Pin Mart
  • Quality Lapel Pins
  • vivipins

Styling Enamel Pins

You can style enamel pins on any piece of your clothing. It ultimately depends on you. Following are some ways through which you can style enamel pins:


  • The Classic Jeans Jacket


Wearing enamel pins is mainly seen among the people living in Western countries. Jeans Jacket is the classiest outfit you can wear. And adding a touch of enamel pins on it will make it look even better. For some people, these are not only badges, but they consider them a part of their personality. 


  • A Blazer


For workaholics, wearing a blazer is very professional. However, styling enamel pins on it will make you look more elegant. Some badges like Hustle Pin and Butterfly Monarch Pin look way better on blazers. They groom the personality of the person as a whole. 


  • A Hat


An enamel pin is like a limitless accessory. There is no specific place for it, like the ear, nose, or neck. But you can wear these enamel pins on all types of your clothes. You can style an enamel pin on the front and even back of your hats. Prada Marfa Pin and Texas Heart Lapel Pin are the two enamel pins that go well with hats.


  • Lapel and Shirt Collars


Among the unique styles of enamel pins, you can also use some of them with your lapel and shirt collars. Pairing up your shirt buttons with enamel pins looks fabulous. Sky ride Pin goes well when you have to wear lapel pins.


  • On your Belt


With enamel pins, you can entirely cover the extra holes you find on your belt. Styling these pins this way looks very good without any doubt. It will look like a minor accessory, but it brings huge change. 


  • For Decoration Purposes


Another significant use of enamel pins is that you can utilize them for decoration purposes. You can style up an old sock by labeling it with lots of lapel pins and decorate it in your house. 


  • Upon your Bags


The game is not over yet! If you have a plain bag which you have used a lot, why not upgrade it. For that, all you need to do is to place several enamel pins with cute and aesthetic shapes on your bag, either on the side or in front of the bag. Your bag will be all set for usage again.


  • Creating Boards


All the previous ways of enamel pins were limited to the clothing section. However, there is another way where you can put your enamel pin, and that is in creating boards. This style is creative as you can use them to portray a story. Usually, the enamel pins used in these boards are made of stickers or characters based on the background of the story. Isn’t this idea very fascinating? If you adopt such a style to teach something to your kids, they will learn it sooner. 

Sum Up

Wearing an enamel pin can never go out of fashion. You can use one to wear on your clothes jacket, shirt, sweater or hat. It is a beautiful accessory that adds up attractiveness to your personality. 

The above detail gives you enough ideas about several ways through which you can style up enamel pins. I hope it will attract your attention. Wear your favorite enamel pins and rock the world!