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Why Get A Neck Roll Pillow Instead Of A Regular Pillow

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July 30, 2022
Why Get A Neck Roll Pillow Instead Of A Regular Pillow

Nothing compares to the feeling of lying down on your bed with your favorite pillow after a long, hard day at work. However, your regular pillow may not be the best choice for you. Pillows are essential to your sleep quality; not all pillows would serve specific needs. For example, if you notice stiffness or pain in your neck, your pillow might be the culprit. A neck roll pillow would be far better than your regular pillow to support your neck while you sleep. 

A neck roll pillow serves many benefits. Let us look at some reasons to get a neck roll pillow instead of a regular one.

Supports Neck And Your Posture

One of the main reasons to choose a neck roll pillow over a regular pillow is better support and comfort. In addition, sleeping is an activity for relaxing and resting your body after a long day. But, if you feel stiffness or pain in the back of your neck after waking up, you should consider choosing a neck roll pillow. 

A neck roll pillow is a narrow bolster that goes under your neck while you sleep. The design of this pillow adjusts according to your neck and offers comfort. In addition, it reduces back and neck pain caused by improper posture while sleeping. You can also use your neck pillow along with your regular pillow. You can put the neck pillow inside the pillow cover or on top of the pillow. 

Reduces Pressure On Your Cervical

Your neck has the upper part of your backbone, the cervical spine. It consists of seven cervical vertebrae made of tendons and muscles. A healthy cervical spine has a slight curve shape, and if the shape changes even slightly, it puts pressure and strains on your spine resulting in neck or back pain. An incorrect posture or regular pillow can alleviate this pain even further. 

Using a neck roll pillow can lower the chances of cervical spine deformation. It fits snugly against your neck curve and reduces any discomfort.

Suitable For All Kind Of Sleepers 

Depending upon your preferred sleeping position, you can be either a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. Your sleeping type determines the type of pillow best suitable for you. But a neck roll pillow is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Its narrow size provides a lot of benefits while sleeping. You can put it under your neck while sleeping on your stomach or back or use it as a support pillow for your body while sleeping on your sides. 

Travel Friendly 

If you suffer from neck pain while traveling, a neck roll pillow is also the best choice. Since a neck roll pillow is compact compared to a regular-sized pillow, they work best as a travel pillow. Whether taking a flight, going on a road trip, or camping, a travel pillow can save a lot of space and provide a comfortable sleep.

Several Filling Options 

There are several filling options in a neck roll pillow. It can contain:

  • Buckwheat hull filling 
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Regular foam filling
  • Down filling
  • Memory foam filling

Out of all these, the buckwheat hull filling is one of the best choices. Unlike other filling options, buckwheat hulls don’t compress under body weight. Instead, the hulls move and shift to take the shape of your body to offer maximum support. Another best part of a buckwheat hull pillow is its customization. You can remove or add buckwheat hulls from the pillow to make the pillow low or high as per your choice. Memory foam is another good quality filling that offers maximum comfort and support. However, it can be pricey. A regular foam filling is cheap but can compress under weight.


A neck roll pillow is sometimes called bolsters, yoga bolsters, or cervical pillows. You can use a neck pillow as a yoga pillow. While shifting between different asanas, using a neck roll pillow for support will take the stress off your body. It also supports your body to maintain a certain asana without straining. You can use a neck roll pillow under your neck, knees, or back.


 A neck roll pillow is the best if you suffer from neck or back pain after waking up, but that is not all it does. A versatile neck roll pillow offers many benefits over using a regular pillow. There are multiple sizes and fillings available in a neck pillow. Make sure to choose one that better suits your needs.