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Why you should hire a stolen vehicle and grand theft embezzlement attorney

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December 29, 2020
Why you should hire a stolen vehicle and grand theft embezzlement attorney

Grand theft can seem to be a minor crime, but it can lead to some serious penalties. So if you are facing the charges, you may be looking at high fines and even jail time. 

But you can reduce the damage, though it depends on the skills and experience of your grand theft and embezzlement of a rental car attorney and the circumstances of your arrest. This post explains why you should hire a stolen vehicle and grand theft embezzlement attorney.

Understanding grand theft auto

No doubt, you should consider grand theft as a serious crime that can also involve the theft of a car that costs more than a certain amount. The amount can vary depending on the state laws where the grand theft happened. But if you steal something worth less than the value, you may face petty theft.

As you can imagine, there are grand theft auto charges that happen when you steal a car that costs more than its predetermined value. Some people can get felony convictions for these charges, while others may get a misdemeanor. However, this can depend on what happened during the crime, the experience and skill of the attorney, and if you have any previous convictions.

When you face grand theft auto charges, there is also a good chance that they may include other charges related to the crime. For instance, if you break into a car, this can lead to auto burglary charges. However, if you break into a garage to steal a vehicle, there can be robbery charges. 

There is also another charge that is similar to grand auto theft. But this is a less serious charge than grand theft and the penalties are fewer. So if you steal a car, you may face unlawful driving or taking off a car charges. In many places, this is known as joyriding which means that you intended to return the car. 

In other words, you may have taken the car temporarily. Therefore, if your attorney can prove this, you can face fewer penalties because the crime is usually less serious.

How an attorney can fight grand theft auto charges

An attorney can use various ways to fight grand theft auto charges. This includes proving that the car owner approved that you should take the car. Therefore, if the owner consented that you should take and use the car, then there can be no crime. 

However, it can be hard to prove that someone permitted you to use the car. To make an effective defense, your attorney requires you to present good evidence to support it.

There is another defense that needs your attorney proving that you had planned to take the car temporarily. Hence, your attorney should show that there was no intention to take the car for a long-term because the plan was joyriding. So you may face misdemeanor charges which is a simple case and not face felony charges. This is the reason why you should always hire a grand theft embezzlement attorney.