This Summer’s Hottest Sneaker Trends

Hottest Sneaker Trends

Currently, sneakers account for 7.6% of the global $105.8 billion footwear market, but it doesn’t end there. This fascination with sports shoes is growing at a rate of 6.8% per year as the sneaker trend goes from strength to strength. Nowadays, sneakers aren’t only for the actively inclined, they’re a comfortable and fashionable fashion accessory. Keep … Read more

10 Reasons to Shop for Zara Clothing for Men

10 Reasons To Shop For Zara Clothing For Men

Did you know that Zara’s clothing store launches around 12,000 new designs a year? There’s a reason the Zara store is one of the top choices for men. Their trendy and stylish clothing can go from design to distribution in a couple of weeks. Their fast turnaround means that you will always have access to … Read more

The Ultimate Wedding Season Wishlist For Women

The Ultimate Wedding Season Wishlist For Women

The Wedding season has officially begun. And most women have planned all their outfits and things to carry in a wedding, many months in advance, But men often leave it for the last minute. And so, It means more running around, last-minute price spikes, and often not getting what they would have wanted. But with … Read more

The Cologne Zone: How to Put on Cologne the Right Way

The Cologne Zone: How To Put On Cologne The Right Way

Are you part of the 63% of men who sometimes wear cologne? While you might not think there’s much to it beyond spritzing your favorite fragrance, that’s not actually true.  There is, in fact, some strategy behind the idea of how to wear cologne. Are you ready to up your scent game? You’re in the right … Read more

7 Compelling Reasons to Use Sterling Silver Jewelry

7 Compelling Reasons to Use Sterling Silver Jewelry

Women’s Equality Day is an important way to remember the most important women in your life. If you are looking for ways to honor someone you love and respect, a gift such as sterling silver jewelry is always a great choice. This is jewelry that is elegant, easy to wear, and always in style. Durable … Read more

New watch collector Mistakes you can avoid


As a new watch collector, you may think that you get to the online watch stores and get a timepiece that befits you. Not easy as you think, friend. Nearly every new watch collector makes some mistakes.  This article outlines some of the mistakes that new watch collectors make Building a collection too quickly Take … Read more