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The Ultimate Wedding Season Wishlist For Women

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February 03, 2022
The Ultimate Wedding Season Wishlist For Women

The Wedding season has officially begun. And most women have planned all their outfits and things to carry in a wedding, many months in advance, But men often leave it for the last minute. And so, It means more running around, last-minute price spikes, and often not getting what they would have wanted.

But with this list of the wedding season must-haves, you are completely ready for any wedding. Here is the perfect wedding season wishlist for men that covers every aspect of a wedding.

  1. Wedding gifts:

The most important aspect of attending a close wedding is deciding on the perfect wedding gift. Choose some classics beforehand. For example, go with a sleek watch or a luxury men’s perfume if you gift the groom. Or some intricate jewellery or gold ring women love. You can also go for traditional gifting options like his and her clothing set, colourful ladies bangle set, or maybe something personalised like a framed picture of the couple. The little details will give it a personal touch a newlywed couple will appreciate.

  1. Your attire:

Another important aspect of the wedding is clothes. This is the most fun part to wishlist beforehand and research while there is still time. First and foremost, decide on how many functions you may be attending. Ask if there are any themes for colour or anything. Next, look for online options that you can order and choose by trying them at home. Take inspiration from celebrity pages or social media and then look for similar outfits in your budget.

  1. Shoes:

One of the most neglected parts of men’s attire is the shoes. You should research what kind of shoes look best with your decided clothes. A tuxedo will off course, need formal shoes like oxfords, and a kurta will go only with juttis or kolhapuris. So, depending on your outfits, add shoes to your wishlist now.

  1. Perfume:

With all the dancing and running around that goes into the wedding, a perfume must be handy to keep smelling fresh. Add a good perfume that stays for long in your wedding wishlist, or you will regret not having this. Use a small travel size perfume as well.

  1. Watch:

A watch can not only be useful, but it will also double up as a perfect fashion accessory to go with your suits and other outfits. Choose a nice metal watch for a more sophisticated look. You can also choose to add a nice smartwatch that can also be super helpful to keep track of important notifications during the wedding madness.

  1. Jewellery:

Yes. Men do and must wear jewellery. It is not just important but essential in some cases. Cufflinks, for example, are necessary if you are wearing a tuxedo. Adding a simple chain or a nice chunky bracelet can also help elevate your wedding outfits and look more put together. It is also a great idea to twin with the groom and his friends by wearing matching cufflinks or a bracelet as a simple mark of the friendship.

  1. Accessories:

Add accessories you will need at the wedding to this wishlist. These are essentials men always forget but need in the wedding. Here is a list of accessories you must carry:

  • Wallet.
  • A belt for each outfit.
  • Socks.
  • Handkerchief.
  •  Tie or Bow.
  • Pocket square.
  1. Phone charger/Power bank:

With all the pictures you might click at the wedding, your phone may easily get trained off the power. Depending on where the wedding is, outdoor or inside, do not forget to add a phone charger or a power bank to the list of things to carry for a wedding. If you do not own a power bank, it is good to invest in one for the wedding.

  1. List of songs:

Create a wedding-appropriate songs list, and do not just rely on the DJ to do that bit. Carry a list of downloaded songs or a playlist perfect for different functions of the wedding. This is a perfect thing to add to the wishlist as it takes time and can be done better over a few days.

  1. Mask:

Last but not least for sure, be responsible and mask up. Do not forget to add masks to the wedding wishlist as the pandemic continues, and guests and family must abide by the guidelines for everyone’s safety. These days you can easily find N95 masks in different colours online that you can choose from for every outfit. Plan and carry a few extra ones to the wedding.

This wedding wishlist should help you be prepared for the wedding with a bang. Finally, you will have everything you need for the wedding in a single place, and you can start the preparation of a fun wedding.