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    Five Things You Do Behind the Wheel That Are More Dangerous Than They Seem

    Five Things You Do Behind the Wheel That Are More Dangerous Than They Seem

    There are some things you have to do behind the wheel that are dangerous, but that’s just part of the territory. For example, 22 percent of all traffic accidents are due to left hand turns, but you can’t drive without turning left every once in a while!

    Some things you do behind the wheel are dangerous, and you know they’re dangerous. You know you shouldn’t talk or text on your phone while you’re behind the wheel, for example.

    However, there are some things you may be doing while you’re driving that are dangerous and you don’t realize just how dangerous they are. Here are a few.

    Wear High Heels

    Heels are a popular shoe for women to wear. They are a staple among most work outfits and many women like to wear them when they are going out at night, but just because they complement your outfit doesn’t mean they are safe to drive in.

    Heels are extremely dangerous to wear while driving because the heel itself doesn’t sit on the floor steadily, making it easy for your foot to slip off the gas or the brake pedal. In addition, shifting from pedal to pedal may be a problem because greater muscle activation is needed. Not to mention, wearing heels can be painful, and feet that hurt won’t operate the as pedals well as comfortable, relaxed feet!

    Not only should you avoid wearing high heels when you drive, you should also avoid wearing:

    • Flip flops
    • House slippers
    • Cowboy boots
    • Wedges
    • Heavy work boots

    Take off Your Sweatshirt

    It’s common to wear a sweatshirt or jacket when you leave for work in the morning when it’s chilly, but as the day warms up and the sun starts shining into your car, it can get hot fast. The nice thing about wearing layers is the fact that you can take one off when it gets warm, but that doesn’t mean you should do it while you’re driving.

    It only takes a fraction of a second to find yourself in an accident. Pulling off your hoodie will likely take longer than that. Not to mention, you could easily swerve off the road or into another car. If you’re getting warm, simply roll down the window until you can pull the car over and take off your sweatshirt.

    Snuggle Your Dog

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take your dog wherever you go! You just have to be mindful of how you transport your dog when you’re in the car.

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    Even if your dog loves putting his head out the window, and even if your dog loves snuggling with you in your lap while your car is in drive, it is extremely dangerous for your dog to be loose in the car. Not only can your pet distract you from the road, they can also become a projectile in an accident, severely injuring themselves and you. It’s much better to keep your dog restrained when your car is in drive.

    Sing Along With the Radio

    The radio can be a great way to pass the time while you’re behind the wheel. Believe it or not, listening to music is associated with lower driving speeds and fewer lane excursions than not listening to anything at all. Just don’t make the mistake of singing along.

    The same study that found lower driving speeds among those who listen to music also found that singing along impairs hazard perception, making you more likely to get into a car accident. It also increases your mental load, which can make operating a vehicle more demanding. It’s best to listen without singing along.

    Eating and Drinking

    You might already know that eating and driving can be dangerous, but do you know just how dangerous? One study found a whopping 80 percent of accidents can be attributed to someone eating behind the wheel!

    Don’t assume it’s eating pasta and cheeseburgers that is causing all the accidents either. Even eating a granola bar, French fries, or taking a swig of your soda can distract you long enough to cause a car accident. Eat before you leave or save your meal until you get to your destination.

    By all means, make sure you pay attention during driver’s ed and put your phone on silent when you’re driving on the road, but there’s a lot more you can be doing to stay safe when you’re on the road, as this list proves!


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