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How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last – Brazilian Wax Facts

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March 08, 2021
How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last - Brazilian Wax Facts

Women have been dealing with unwanted hair growth for years! Yes, there are many ways to remove unwanted hair, such as plucking, shaving, bleaching, hair removal creams, and waxing with the help of an electric wax warmer.

One of the most stubborn hair growths is the one that we have on our private parts. It is much thicker, and it grows fast! Now, that is why today, we will talk about Brazilian waxing.

Brazilian waxing is the most effective way of removing hair in our pubic area. But, how long does a Brazilian wax last? Stay tuned! This article will teach you everything you need to know about Brazilian wax!

What is a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is a process of removing hair in your pubic area using hot wax. A Brazilian wax removes hair directly from the root allowing your hair growth to be slower and thinner. Getting a Brazilian wax may be a bit painful and uncomfortable, but once you see the results, for sure, you will never go back to the other hair removal techniques. You can go to a saloon or do it yourself with an electric wax warmer.

Brazilian Wax Facts and Benefits

  • Different types of wax can be used, such as soft wax, hot wax, hard wax, etc.
  • There are different Brazilian wax styles (triangle, strip, rectangle, heart, etc.)
  • Brazilian wax and bikini wax are almost the same.
  • Bikini wax only removes hair from the bikini area. A Brazilian waxing session removes hair from front to back.
  • It removes hair directly from the root.
  • Your hair will grow in the right direction.
  • There will be little to no ingrown hair formation.
  • It exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells, leaving it silky and smooth.
  • Your hair growth will be slower.
  • You can do it at home by yourself with a electric wax warmer.
  • Your pubic hair strands will grow thinner and more refined.
  • You will no longer experience irritating and itchy hair spikes from shaving.
  • It is perfect for summer so that you can wear your favorite bikini without hesitation.
  • It boosts your confidence!
  • It is a bit uncomfortable and painful but easily soothed.

Shaving Your Pubic Area is a Big No!

Although shaving is a fast way to get rid of unwanted hair from your private area, it is very irritating!

Shaving causes razor cuts and burns to your pubic area’s sensitive skin that also causes pimples, bumps, and skin irritation. Shaving only removes hair from the surface of your skin. Expect to see the thicker cactus-like hair growth as early as two to three days which is very itchy and often pops out from your lingerie.

How long does a Brazilian Wax Last?

The hair growth cycle for each person is different. It depends on your hair growth, texture, and climate. Usually, you will need to wait before you get your next Brazilian wax appointment is about three to five weeks. The more often you get your Brazilian wax sessions, the thinner your hair will be, and you will notice waiting time in between appointments will be longer.

Final Thoughts

I understand that you might be scared about the pain that you will experience during Brazilian wax treatment. Still, there are ways to manage that, such as drinking an over-the-counter pain reliever thirty minutes before the appointment. You can also request your esthetician to use a numbing cream before your wax appointment.

The first Brazilian wax treatment may be a bit painful because your hair strands and roots are still thick around this time. Once your hair grows thinner, so does the root, you will notice little to no bearable pain at all, which is totally worth it!

Shaving, hair removal creams, and bleaching are not recommended for removing unwanted hair from your pubic area since they will irritate your skin and give short-lasting results. 

Now that you have learned how long a Brazilian wax lasts and its benefits, when are you planning to have your Brazilian waxing treatment? Let me know what you think!