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How to Develop an Amazon Marketing Strategy

How to Develop

Did you know that more than a million new sellers join Amazon every year? That makes it increasingly difficult to survive when opening an Amazon business. However, if you know how to get your marketing correct, you can thrive. 

We can help you get started with a few helpful hints. Read on as we discuss the best Amazon marketing strategy. 

Create an Advertising Budget and Plan

If you don’t advertise, it is very unlikely people will find your shop. While you will have a wider marketing plan for Amazon sales, Amazon’s own advertising service can help. The choices it provides fall into four categories. 

Product display ads will show your product as others are browsing competitor’s sites. Clicking on them will direct them to your website. 

After this, you have the option to use brand and product ads. Brand ads promote three of your products with a single advertising heading. Product ads promote one individual ad to viewers. 

Finally, Amazon recently introduced curated posts. This means that you can use a list of product photos loosely grouped together. When people click on them, they are directed to your sales page.  

Build a Brand Image

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Amazon digital marketing starts with building a brand. While many of the products you sell on Amazon will often be similar or identical to others being sold, it is your brand that can set you apart and drive customer loyalty. It will go beyond simply being on Amazon and feed into a wider digital marketing strategy. 

Start by building a brand store. Carryover all of your logos, color, and graphic design elements from your website and social media channels. Use it to share your brand story and view it as an extension, as opposed to a separate entity. 

Use Amazon A+ content to boost sales. This feature lets you add images, split text, and charts to make the shop and products look more interesting. It works using a drag and drop method just like a website builder may do. 

Finally, optimize your text and images. Get the best out of the five bullet points you can use at the top of your image. If you require assistance, then a company such as Upstart Works Amazon marketing services will be able to assist. 

Optimize Product Pages

When buying online, your customers do not have the first-hand experience they get in a store. They can not touch or smell the product, or look at it from different angles. This is why product pages are so important, as they replace the in-store experience. 

You must start by thinking as a customer would. Firstly, people arriving at your page are coming to Amazon, so they are already there to shop. Your product pages need to be able to grab their attention and convert them into a sale. 

Start by having concise, to-the-point product titles. They should include the brand and product name, but may also include specific features. Essentially, you want to keep it short but provide just enough product information and keywords

Next are your images. Amazon states they must be on a plain white background, but after that, you can do whatever you like. As many people will probably be selling similar products, you need to get the best pictures available. 

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Utilize Reviews

Reviews and ratings are commonplace on all e-commerce sites now, but it was not always the case. Amazon pioneered the use of them back in 1995. The truth is that people trust the content that has been posted by real people, meaning they will be more attracted to a product if it has reviews. 

Luckily, Amazon sends out emails asking for reviews on your behalf. This means all you have to do is keep watching them. If you have negative reviews or something goes wrong, then reply courteously and promise to fix the problem. 

By doing this, people see that you are committed to customer service. As long as the majority of your reviews are good, the odd one star with a professional response can work wonders. 


Amazon is a search engine and runs using the same sets of queries and algorithms that Google or Bing does. That means that search engine optimization is just as important. 

Amazon’s own search engine is called A9. Just like Google, it has regular updates which you should adapt to. While it may seem complicated, there are several factors to keep in your mind when optimizing. 

The first of these is discoverability. You need to use the correct, rich keywords so that products are being picked up by the A9 searches. This comes down to your product titles and descriptions. 

The next factor is the relevance of the product. Make sure your product pages are optimized to make people want to click on them. This comes down to the images you use and the clarity of your information. 

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Finally, think about sales. The algorithm will push a product higher up the page rankings if more sales of it are being made. This can have a snowball effect, but you need to think about how to get that ball rolling to start with. 

Harness External Traffic

Finally, do not just rely on internal traffic as part of your strategy. Instead, you should pull in traffic from all of your external sources. Direct people from your website to the store to make purchases.

You should already have social channels. These are a great way to bring people to the store. As they are already engaged with your brand, you have a much better chance of converting them into sales. 

Getting Help With an Amazon Marketing Strategy

When planning your Amazon marketing strategy, do not be afraid to get help. Numerous digital marketing companies are experienced and ready to help. Check their online reviews then contact them for a quote. 

If you enjoyed our article, then visit the rest of our blog. With everything from marketing to finance, we can help your business grow in the coming year!


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