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    Let’s Know More About Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair

    Let's Know More About Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair

    Cast iron sewer pipes are a common view in most construction sites and drainage systems. Made from gray cast iron, these pipes were originally used for transmitting water, gas, and sewage. Presently the uses remain the same. The hardy build of these iron pipes enables them to endure pressure and the timely cast iron sewer pipe repair keeps them in good shape. For this, skilled plumbers are required who have sound knowledge of how to repair these pipes without damaging them further. Moreover, they know when it is the right time to get them repaired.

    The right time to avail of cast iron sewer pipe repair

    As already mentioned, the cast iron sewer pipes have to bear tremendous pressure. Whether they are long and wide, or small and narrow they do require proper repair well in time. An expert plumbing team or a plumber would be needed to get the job done owing to the given reasons.

    1.   Water contamination

    In every city, the water for drinking or household chores is passed through big iron pipes. The water is further channelized to the homes and other buildings through more pipes. It is common knowledge that pure and clean water is free of any color but a cast iron sewer pipe repair would be needed when this consumable and usable water begins to carry an unhealthy tinge because of an adjacent sewer pipe. Thus, the very moment a color appears in the water, it is time to call the repair team to get the nearby sewer pipes checked.

    2.   The filthy stench in water

    Bad odor generally accompanies water discoloration giving way to an altered taste of the water. Since contamination of water is quite evident, due to faulty sewer pipes, the water emits a strong smell which is definitely harmful to the health. The cast iron sewer pipe repair experts take care of this problem by first looking into the spot from where the contamination is spreading and then going ahead with the repair.

    3.   Leakages

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    Minor or major leakages in the sewer pipes can appear even though the pipes are in absolutely good condition. In case the pipes have shifted from their position, have begun to sink in the soil, or have not been placed properly, they begin to leak from the joints. Such leaks can cause havoc and lead to harmful contamination of air and water. Consulting a plumber would be the wisest thing to do as it would stop further contamination and the increasing stench of dirty water and sewerage residuals.

    4.   Reduced flow

    After years of installing these pipes, silts, rust, carcasses, dirt and human remains begin to settle on the inner lining of the pipes. Owing to this the interior diameter of the pipes begins to decrease. This hampers the expected flow of the sewerage and leads to clogging of drains and jamming of the pipes.

    5.   Growing mold

    When the cast iron pipes are left on their own without any proper care, mold begins to grow on and inside them. Since the interiors of the pipes remain hidden from the human eyes, the mold begins to grow from small patches to big ones. With the constant flow of sewerage, they increase faster, reducing the flow of dirty water and wastes. The pipes once again clog and emit a bad odor.

    6.   Appearance of cracks

    Lack of maintenance and/or prolonged use of the cast iron sewer pipes results in evident cracks that increase with the passage of time without any repair. In such situations, huge leakages are witnessed during the transmission of wastes that inevitably affect the lives around. So, a plumbing team does the needful by inspecting these cracks and then they either fill in the minor cracks or replace the pipes if the cracks are major.

    7.   Breeding of insects and pests

    The cast iron pipes and other dark places are homes to insects, rats, and rodents. They create a nuisance by infesting the homes, factories, and roads, causing damages to both life and property. With the professional cast iron pipe repair team, the sewer pipes can be made to get rid of pests and insects.

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    The importance of cast iron sewer pipe repair

    After knowing about the situations to repair the cast iron sewer pipes, it is time to know about the rewards of such a service.

    a.   Cleaner environment and neighborhood, free from harmful odor and contamination of soil and water.

    b.   Well-maintained cast iron sewer pipes ensure anti-leakage remedies.

    c. Saves the pain of repairing deeper cracks and arrests the leakage of filthy water and human wastes.

    d.   Better transmission and draining out of wastewater without any clogging, overflowing, and unwanted accumulation.

    e.   Increases the lifespan of the sewer pipes and saves the tedious task of changing them when the pipes are in a degrading state.

    f. Cleanses the rust and mold that otherwise weaken the make of the iron pipes.

    g.   Cleaner sewer pipes mean improved capacity to bear with the pressure applied by the sewerage.

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    h.   Reduces the growth of incest and pest infestation and prevents their breeding.

    i. ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ Mending the pipes before they give in, saves the threat of a bigger financial blow in the days to come.

    j. Hiring a professional cast iron sewer pipe repair service team assures holistic supervision of the pipes.


    The professional repair service for sewer pipes can be availed of for any old buildings, factories, complexes, public restrooms, etc. Employing only skilled and trained experts makes more sense than opting for the ones who are otherwise.

    The points mentioned above are going to cement the idea of getting the cast iron sewer pipe repair service. These pipes require routine checkups and maintenance so that a heavy price is not paid for their deteriorating condition. The biggest problem arises when the iron pipes crack almost bursting open and are beyond repair. Thus, to prevent such situations from arising, it is ideal to get the repair service team to check the pipes and get the repair and maintenance work done without any delay.


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