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Online Therapists are the Future of Mental Health Care

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November 20, 2022
Mental Health Care

If you find yourself feeling down, depressed, anxious, or despondent, you’re not alone. At least 21% of Americans struggle with mental health every day.  Mental health concerns are nothing to scoff at, yet there’s a social stigma attached to them around the globe. Further compounding things is that seeking treatment isn’t always convenient or affordable, either. Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of this very long tunnel: online therapy. Alternatively known as teletherapy, online therapy has all the benefits of in-person therapy without most of the drawbacks. Teletherapy is poised to become the future of mental health care. And today, we’re going to explore several reasons why. 

Online Therapy is an Affordable Option

There’s no denying the fact that medical care in the United States is a financial nightmare for many people. When it comes to medical care, affordability is a significant problem for most Americans. Insurance is difficult to get for some people. It’s invariably tied to work, which isn’t always a great deal for some. Furthermore, Medical care in America is expensive. Fortunately telemedicine offers a reprieve from such concerns. There’s also a stigma against mental health care in the United States, which teletherapy aptly addresses. By making it convenient and easy for people to seek therapy from home, there’s no need to travel anywhere or worry about somebody else seeing you getting the help you need.

Long Wait Times Are A Thing Of The Past

Another significant barrier to mental health care, long wait times, isn’t a problem with teletherapy. Instead of going into an ER, urgent care, or doctor’s office and waiting for hours on end, Healthcare is just a phone call away in most instances. Long wait times simply don’t exist with telemedicine. Usually within a few minutes of booking the appointment, you’ll have an idea of the time you’ll be consulting with the doctor. The consultation itself only takes a few minutes. Depending on what the doctor might be treating, you could have the phone call/video conference, discuss treatment, and have a prescription ready in a very short amount of time. In the case of teletherapy, everything works the same way. So, you’ll have your therapy session and discussion in a timely manner without all the trouble of going to physical location.

There’s A Wider Variety Of Therapies To Address Specific Issues 

Finding the right kind of treatment is a rough endeavor. Bouncing around from provider to provider is ineffective at best. Just like the patients they treat, therapists come from all walks of life. They can cover a large variety of different conditions. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, an online therapist can help walk you through treatment and suggestions for helping with your condition. Indeed, they can assist with most mental health issues. There are some limits to what a teletherapist can handle, however. Serious psychological disorders still require in-depth personal care and should be done in person. But for most other concerns and feeling better from day to day, teletherapy can be just the shot in the arm you need to get your mental health taken care of today.

Booking and Canceling Are Easy

Sometimes the barrier to healthcare is booking and canceling appointments. Some people are afraid to cancel appointments because the provider might charge them for it. They might have trouble booking the appointment because they might think they need a referral or don’t know where to start. Fortunately, teletherapy makes this simple. Canceling is usually hassle free and booking an appointment is as easy as finding a therapist and clicking on them to set the appointment. Simply book an online therapy appointment and start getting the help you need today.

Online Therapy is Private 

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If privacy is a concern for you—or holding you back from seeking care—remember that online therapy is completely private. Online therapy is a confidential and private form of treatment that is HIPAA compliant. This means that therapists can’t share personal medical information with anyone. Patients can feel comfortable knowing that their therapist is bound by law to keep their information private. Since they’re a healthcare provider, they must comply with established government regulations and rules in order to operate. As such, your healthcare information is confidential, private, and safe, and won’t be shared without your consent.