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Popular tourist attractions in Dandeli

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June 20, 2022
Popular tourist attractions in Dandeli

Dandeli is a place that is situated on the western part of Karnataka. The place is an untamed exploration and there are plenty of sight-seeing options in this part of the world. Caves, mountains, rivers with lush greenways make Dandeli a sought out destination for people from Pune, Mumbai and adjoining regions of Karnataka.

For witnessing the sunset there are stunning points for the tourists. Apart from the natural beauty there are man- made attractions, like temples and dams. One of the unique qualities of the place is the national park and wildlife sanctuary, that will provide you with a breath-taking encounter with the wild animals. The region is also attractive with thrilling activities to try out. Resorts in Dandeli give you a homestay feeling, so it is better if you book them in advance. Some of the popular destinations are as follows

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary

Among the tourist places in Dandeli it tops the list. It offers flora and a fresh dose of fauna. Some of the unusual animals that you can witness here are sloth bears, barking deer, black panther etc. For the bird watchers there are around 200 species of birds. There are certain category of birds that are only witnessed by nature lovers. Among deciduous and evergreen forests there are medical plants. This wildlife along with bird watching happens to be an experience of once in a lifetime. The place is located on the northern part of Karnataka and it is on the NH 46 route.

Kali river

You can listen to the gurgling, soothing sound of the river Kali in the grip of lush greenery. One can stop here to admire the beauty of nature or can indulge in numerous water sport activities. The river provides natural Jacuzzi and it is a unique experience for all. What better way than nature providing you with a soothing message.

For outdoor and overnight camping River Kali is the perfect stop. You can add a tinge of spice with camp fire games or barbecue parties. and these are memorable moments that remain with you. Another attraction worth mentioning is white water rafting, though its availability is dependent upon the weather. The river flows through the Karwar river and you can stay on SH 46.

Kavala Caves

The next place to visit is Kavala caves. It is located below the surface of the earth and in the darkest depth there is a temple. To reach the temple you need to climb around 1000 stairs that may never seem to end. These limestone caves have existed since the pre historic era. The caves have religious importance and are linked to Mahabaratha. A thrill of adventure evolves as you need to encounter the reptiles and snakes before you reach the caves. One of the natural attractions of this cave is a Shiva linga that replicates the shape of a Rudraksha.

Syntheri rock

Photographers and nature lovers need to add this place as one of the places to visit in Dandeli. You have to trek all the way to this monolith granite rock that is around 300 metres in height. The place has a rocky ravine and a small waterfall. Though it is suggested that you refrain from rock climbing, the brave people can indulge in this rocky adventure. The place has rocky elevations but the slippery terrain may be difficult to thread during the rainy season. There are numerous adventure activities that you can enjoy here.

You can carry along food with you as this place is a perfect picnic spot for the family people. Sitting by this bed and you can hear the melody of nature. There are a lot of beehives over the rock and the chances are that you may spill the yellow droplets. You need to walk up to the rock as it is around 200 meters away from the parking lot.

Shiroli peak

The beauty of this place is hard to describe in words. Though you can choose to trail on your own but a safari is a recommended option. In North Kannada it happens to be the highest peak. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of the Sahyadri hills, then the place is perfect. Even it is a popular spot for the nature lovers and adventure seekers. The view from the topmost point and the photographers are bound to fall in love with it.

It is surrounded by lush green forests and it is recommended that you stay back to view the glorious sunset. If you are lucky enough you can catch a glimpse of the fog spreading over the horizon as the sky touches the peak. A visit to this place needs to be part of your tour.

Anshi National Park

It is one of the amazing places in Dandeli and has a tiger reserve. It goes by the name of Kali tiger reserve as the river Kali passes through the reserve. Spread over 1300 kms it is a widely protected area and happens to be an evergreen tropical forest. The best time to visit this park is between the months of October to May and the park is open from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. In this park there are ample park trails and you can enjoy camping by nature. Since it is close to the river Kali you may choose your favourite water sport.

Supa team

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life this is a place to explore. Across the river Kalindi the dam is build and the second largest dam in the state of Karnataka and provides a unique backwater trekking experience. The dam happens to be a concrete gravity dam and you can trip with your kids since it is part of the hydroelectricity plan. The place is a hit among the photographers and the nature lovers. From this vantage point you can catch a glimpse of the sunset. For a short cycling trip the place is best suited.