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    The Luxury Car Brands Leading The Way In Technological Advancements

    The Luxury Car Brands Leading The Way In Technological Advancements

    Stephan Winkelmann characterized 2020 as Bugatti’s “third record-breaking year in a row” — and it’s not the only luxury car brand doing well as of late. When it comes to technological advancements, for example, many are going above and beyond in paving an uncharted path for the luxury automotive industry. From ambitious sustainability goals to incorporating new and improved tech that hopes to change the way we drive, here are the latest and greatest innovations you should know about.

    Tesla’s new battery technology

    Tesla’s new battery technology, announced last year in 2020, involves internally produced batteries for its electric cars. This new technology features an innovative, tabless design that aims to exceed the old one, which utilizes a conductive metal tab to transfer the energy stored in the battery pack to the car’s drivetrain. Not only can this new design eliminate the need for the tab altogether, but it’s said to provide five times the energy, six times the power, and 16% more range than the old version. In addition to being less expensive to manufacture, the new tech has the potential to significantly decrease the cost of an electric car, thus making the vehicles more affordable to the general public and contributing to eco-friendliness with a reduced carbon footprint.

    Big sustainability goals with Porsche

    Also focused on sustainability, the luxury brand Porsche has major goals that align with the international Paris Agreement and reducing the impact of climate change. This will be accomplished by the luxury brand through the launch of an innovative decarbonization program. While already well known for having a great experience rating with drivers of sports cars like the 2021 Porsche 911, this program shoots for other goals, specifically in attaining a CO2-neutral balance sheet by the year 2030. With the upcoming Taycan Cross Turismo aiming to be their first carbon neutral vehicle, there’s no doubt that the automaker is on their way to achieving their goals.

    Bugatti incorporates 3D printing

    Bugatti is yet another leader in technological innovation in the automotive sector, particularly with regards to their efforts in 3D printing. While Bugatti has been 3D printing since 2018, their new hyper sports cars Chiron Pur Sport and Chiron Super Sport 300+ both include parts crafted with a 3D printer — such as the tailpipe trim covers, which are made out of titanium. Created with four 400 watt lasers simultaneously working to print the part, it’s worth mentioning that the intricate technology utilizes approximately 4,200 layers of metal powder, in conjunction with a number of complex design factors in order to reap the benefits of being incredibly strong and reliable.

    While self driving luxury cars are well known and talked about, there are a number of other technological innovations worth getting excited about as well. From major sustainability objectives, new battery technology, and the use of 3D printing in car manufacturing, there’s no question that several brands are leading the way in shaping the future of luxury vehicles.

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