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Top 3 methods to convert a movie maker to the mp4

Top 3 methods to convert a movie maker to the mp4

Movie Maker

Movie makers are one of the oldest and the best video creators and it is one of the favorite tools for most enthusiasts in this field.

It is actually simpler and it helps for easily creating the movies without any hassles.

However, the concerns arise as it will not support the video formats when it comes to exporting the video files.

It actually sums up to the Microsoft format and it will not support other aspects.

If you need to export the file to some of the other different formats, you will need an audio converter.

If you aim to upload the video file to upload on YouTube for Best video maker software or some other purpose, the application will recommend you convert the file to MP4 format and compress it into a high-quality video format.

Here comes the role of youtube converters. And later on, here are some ways to convert the movie maker to MP4. Continue reading to find them.

First, if you’re looking to create an MP4 video from scratch, with your own footage, or using stock footage, you might want to look into Miami video production companies.

There are three ways to convert the movie maker to MP4. 

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Method 1: Converting movie maker to MP4 using wondershare UniConverter 

  • Step1: Save the Moviemaker files as the video file and open the application. Click on save movies and find for computer option and click on it.
  • Step 2: By clicking on the computer, you might have now imported the video converter. Now, click on the add files button to load the videos to the targeted program. Else, you can directly drag and drop these files to the program’s conversion pane.
  • Step 3: Click the drop-down icon found on the top right side of the interface and you will find the app’s output format list. Now, go to Videos and click on MP4. You need to select a video resolution in the right and click on the same as the source.
  • Step 4: Hit the Convert All option found on the right to start the video conversion. This great Moviemaker to MP4 video converter will help you to do the left overwork in the movie maker to mp4 Now, you can click on the converted and click on the icon found there to locate the desirable MP4 file.

Method 2: Converting movie maker to MP4 on Windows or Mac 

  • Step 1: You can launch the Wondershare Free Video Converter on your computer. After you download and install, click on the Add files button to add the project to convert.
  • Step 2: click on the convert all files to option to open the output format list and now click on the MP4 file.
  • Step 3: Finally, click on the Convert All button to convert the movie maker to mp4. 

Method 3: Online conversion of Moviemaker to MP4 

One popular way that people look for the conversion of moviemakers to MP4 is undoubtedly the online conversion and this is an easy method as well.

You need to select the field from the local PC, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive. It will deliver the best quality output for the file and also will have some editing options.

Here, it will also help you with some editing parameters like frame, rate size, bitrates, and several.

It is one of the reasons for the people to choose this method of the movie to Mp4 Conversion.

There are some steps you need to follow in the conversion process.

  • Step 1: Open on your search engine browser
  • step2: Click on the file you need to convert to your PC. You can also choose the file from URL, Dropbox, or Google drive.
  • Step 3: Under the optional settings, edit the video parameter if you need it.
  • Step 4: Click on the Convert file option to start the process and cover the desired file to MP4.

The bottom line 

So, you might have gone through the three ways of converting the movie maker to the desired MP4.

This video will be under high-quality and you can have it to upload to some social media channels or send it to your friend to Whatsapp, etc.

Technology has given you ample resources to enjoy the modern digital world. So, choose the right way and start converting the file to use different applications.

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