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    Top 5 software for video editing in 2022 (Filmora, Premiere Pro, PowerDirector…)

    Video Editing In 2022

    Software become a need for our day-to-day life. We need software to make our work easy like photo editing, video editing, audio editing, and lots of other works. We will talk about the video editor which makes our video editing work so easy. You don’t have to hire professionals for the work and don’t have to pay money for the work which you can do at home or office by yourself. People face lots of problems while working with professionals because it took so much time and one should have to wait for days to get their edited videos. This all happens after paying them all the money in advance. But software like Filmora, Premiere, PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Pinnacle Studio makes it very easy for people to learn and start editing. These are the top 5 software for video editing in 2022. So, who are beginners and want to learn editing without going to school or without the training then this software will help you. You can use Filmora and start editing videos from the first day because it has lots of features which is worth buying. You will never regret your decision of using Filmora.

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    Latest features in Filmora that you can try in 2022:

    Filmora now comes with new features which make your video more impressive and attractive. Features like Speed Ramping, Masking, Auto Beat, and screen recorder are added to the Filmora. Addition features and benefits are:

    • Effect Plugins
    • Preset Templates
    • Auto Synchronization
    • Stock Media
    • Wondershare Drive
    • Speed Ramping
    • Auto Beat Sync
    • Mask
    • Instant Mode

    Effect Plugins: V11 is bundled with Hollywood Style NewBlue FX and Boris Continuum Complete(BCC) effect plugins, including the world-famous 3D Title Tool-NewBlue Tilter Pro 7.

    Preset Templates: You could use the template presets to quickly complete the video creation and save your projects as templates for reuse.

    Auto Synchronization: Automatically synchronize audio with video and make it easier to synchronize the audio recorded with different devices.

    Stock Media: With the new integrated Stock Media library, you can get tons of fancy high-resolution photos, videos, and GIFs or stickers in Filmora, which are all royalty-free.

    Wondershare Drive: You can transfer your files(project files, templates, and videos)to a cloud drive, use them anytime, anywhere, and share with others.

    Speed Ramping: Speed Ramping helps you master the time of your clips. Fast-mo or slow-mo is all in your control.

    Auto Beat Sync: Analyze music and automatically generate highlight videos for you.

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    Mask: The masking tool allows you to cover up all parts of a video and create fantastic effects.

    Instant Mode: Instant Mode provides complete video templates. You can quickly get a nice video within your media.

    Reviews of Filmora:

    As many people are using different software for video editing and they all have their reason for using it. But many professionals are using Filmora for editing their videos for promotions or for getting views. There are YouTubers, Social Media influencers, and many businessmen also using it for their business promotion. But the interesting thing is that they all are happy with the Filmora and keep using it for a long time.

    Pros. and Cons. of Filmora:

    Every software has its pros. and cons. and one should have to know about all these. You will numerous features to make your editing more impressive with Filmora but you have to learn about the features which takes some time. We will here discuss some real benefits and the serious problems you will face with Filmora:


    • It is user-friendly and has a very easy interface for users to make editing easy for them.
    • It is compatible with all devices like Windows, Mac, and iPad
    • Easy for beginners to learn editing skills


    • Take time to learn the editing skills because of the new features
    • All work has to be done by the user which makes it a long process for the beginners
    • A little bit confusing for the beginners

    Why Filmora is better than others?

    Internet is filled with video editing software and a few are the best but they are paid. You have to spend money to purchase video editing software. Filmora gives you new features which you can try at very affordable pricing. You don’t have to pay thousands or hundreds of dollars to purchase your plan for video editing. It is accessible by both professionals and beginners. So, you will never get much confused as other software. All software has some difficult steps for video editing which are difficult for beginners to understand. Filmora is here to help them with this and provide very easy steps to follow for the video editing. You have to check all the details carefully and have to get best services. 

    How to start using Filmora?

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    It is really easy to get access to start video editing with Filmora. You just have to visit the website and check the available plan and choose the plan which you wish to get. You can make your purchase with your desired payment method and start editing your videos. You can get monthly, annually and perpetual plans which is starting from $28.98/month


    Download from here:


    With all this information, you must understand why you need Filmora? Now you just have to get access and edit videos for your business promotion, YouTube channel, and Social Media Account. You can get Filmora today and learn the skills to become professional very quickly.


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