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What is so Beloved About the Horse Races

What is so Beloved About the Horse Races

Whilst by no means the most popular or biggest sport on the planet, horse racing remains huge across the globe. Dating back to Ancient Greece this ancient sport has continually provided entertainment to people, cementing its place as one of the great sports. But just what is so beloved about the horse races that continues to draw punters, old and new, to the sport? 

The Thrill

If you put all else aside, this sport can be hugely thrilling and exhilarating. These horses now power at outrageously quick speeds, master hurdles and are trained hard to produce some seriously exciting races. Over the years this has created some truly memorable sporting moments from Secretariat to Red Rum. As one of the oldest sports on the planet, horse racing UK seems to be instinctually ingrained in society and culture across the globe too, which adds an extra habitual dimension to this great sport. It has always been there and for good reason! This pace and thrill makes it exciting for those just watching and even more exciting for those with a wager on the race. 


No other sport is so closely associated with sports betting than horse racing. Sticking a bet on the horse racing draws in veterans to the sport who are a dab hand at betting on the sport and more increasingly has drawn a younger, more casual crowd to the sport. Whether it be the Kentucky Derby, the Epsom Derby or the Grand National, the allure of sticking a bet on a winning horse is drawing more punters to the sport than ever before. And with sports betting becoming easier than ever thanks to the online option, there are more people exposed to the sport which can surely only be a good thing for this great sport. This has opened up the culture and entertainment value of the races to a different niche of people. 

Rich heritage

Horse racing holds a strong cultural place in British culture, particularly, but also other cultures around the world. As one of the older sports it is steeped in tradition and heritage. From Royal attendance at races to the prestige of the Goodwood racetrack. The races have always had some pomp and circumstance surrounding them and they have not lost this – many revel in the chance to dress up to the nines. The dress code allows everyone to dawn their fascinators and flat caps to make for a memorable day. Its royal links are well known and the tradition of the sport, as well as its consistent upholding of tradition, allows it to incorporate the old with the new extraordinarily well. 


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As the years have gone by, horse racing has become more and more accessible for the lower classes. From the grassroots in Ireland’s training to the attendees at Aintree for the Grand National every year, the sport is accessible to everyone. This has brought a strong sense of community to the sport and is something which sets it apart from other sports which are getting increasingly lost in a facade of money and forgetting about fans. Alongside this, it tends to cater for everyone with the entertainment at horse racing festivals to everyone’s tastes and not just one select niche. Whilst it maintains its strong identity and heritage through the traditions it upholds, the sport has managed to evolve excellently in recent years to make itself accessible to many. The races are a day out for socialising more than anything. The day will be a case of chatting and socialising with people on the concourse with some races interspersed amongst the entertainment. This allows many different types of people to mix and chat whilst also allowing for people from all over the world to meet each other. It is important to remember that this sport is popular worldwide from Australia to America, Japan to Europe. 

Whilst there are a whole plethora of other reasons as to why the horse races are so beloved by millions across the globe, these reasons above are some strong indicators as to why this is the case. This historical sport is steeped in tradition, culture and betting which draws people from far and wide and all walks of life to get in on the entertainment, and I for one do not blame them. It can be some of the most exciting 2 minutes of entertainment going. 


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