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Why Playing Video Games Is Good For Your Brain

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July 23, 2022
Playing Video Games

You have often been chided by your mom and dad for being a useless and worthless fellow, shunning study, and not doing any household work. Whenever you scored low in your examination, they were ready to attribute this failure to your hourly investment and religious approach toward video games. Imagine your life without video games…like burgers without filling! 

We recommend that you play more video games. Go download them from Pirate Bay. In this article, we are going to tell you why playing games is good for your brain.

Why Playing Video Games Is Good For Your Brain?

There are reasons in galore why playing video games is good for your brain. Let’s discuss these in this section. 

1. Memory 

If you have found a strong footing in the world of Minecraft, you are definitely sharpening your brain. With 3D graphics and highly effective audio, you create a very successful game environment. 

While navigating the real world, you need to remember a number of sequences. You also need to keep in mind twists and turns. 

This navigation helps you with a better response, thus sharpening memory. A 2015 study by the University of California study says 3D video games performed memory tasks better. 

2. Spatial Visualization

A 2013 study performed by the American Psychological Association went on to show that shooting games have improved thinking about objects in three dimensions. 

Gamers have been better at judging the distance between general and rotating objects. That is how they fit into one space. 

3. Perception And Vision

When you face a difficult situation, your brain works out inwardly to understand the gravity of the subject. Immediately two and three ideas come to you. You then go on to determine which one is an utmost priority. 

This is called creating templates of perception, that is, the perception to understand what is good and what is better.

For example, a 2014 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America found that gamers create a better perceptual template. 

4. Mood and Motivation

Playing games keeps you competitive all the time, and numerous research shows that video games can improve your general motivation. 

Playing video games always makes you hyperactive and inwardly charged up. 

When you play, you understand the fact that you have to be energetic and motivated in order to emerge winners. 

5. Social Skills

Do you know what social skills are? Social skills are the ability that one possesses to work in some groups. With social skills, you have a better ability to work on collective projects (in both schools and universities). 

When you play games, you are able to form partnerships between the group members. This is important to score well in the game. Playing together creates good team bonding. This, in turn, helps you understand group projects much better. 

6. Youthfulness 

If your brain works well and responds to problems, remains happy and energetic all the time, you can say that your mind is full of youthfulness. 

When you are retarded all the time and show some disinterest in activities, you understand that your mind isn’t that young enough. 

A study conducted by the University of California reveals the fact that if you are playing games. You definitely possess more youthfulness.

7. Competitiveness

Playing games develops that attitude of competitiveness. It develops a sort of never say die intent. Whenever you play some games, you contest with your teammates. 

Now that you continuously develop that attitude, you can use that in each and every step of your development. A competitive attitude helps you prepare psychologically to accept the challenge of tomorrow.  


Therefore you have ample reason to believe that video games are good for your brain. They simply work to stabilize your brain and make it strong enough to handle pressure. We have scientifically established the fact. You read this before your mummy and papa and take feedback.