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5 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations in 2021

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February 17, 2021
5 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations in 2021

As the world slowly returns to normal following the pandemic, countries all across the globe are reintroducing travel for domestic and international travelers. With the added masks, sanitizers, gloves, and all things safe and cleanly, traveler packing lists may have gotten longer, but the innate human desire to explore the world has remained strong. The desire to travel is perhaps even greater this year after traveling plans were cancelled in response to the pandemic. Now that it’s a brand-new year, people are starting to plan their travels and budget for the many expenses that accumulate when planning a trip. The pandemic negatively impacted the global economy and reduced individual finances tremendously. As a result of all of this, cheaper travel is the way to go for most. Here is a list of five affordable places to visit that still qualify as great vacations and adventures.  



Otherwise known as the Eastern European country of Georgia, the birthplace of wine offers delicious local wine (obviously), and an eclectic mix of different environments, including volcanoes, snow peaks, cathedrals, and a busy nightlife. You can even parasail over the mountains during the summer months. If you’ve never heard of this place, that’s kind of what makes it so cheap! Move over Italy, I’m going to Georgia! Even though traveling is cheap, you still want to find the best airline deals for your budget. How you stick to your budget will make or break the success of your trip. 


  • Hawaii


Not the cheapest place to live, but for travelers flying from the West Coast, getting to Maui and Honolulu doesn’t cost you as much as you’d think, especially this year. In addition to the close proximity, in 2021, these areas are going for much cheaper following the pandemic. Hit up a lūʻau, put on a grass skirt, and dig into some Hawaiian barbeque why don’t you. Coming from the other side of the country? Pass the time on your long flight with the nap you probably need using these natural sleep aids.


  • Nepal


Nepal is reopening for tourists, which is a dream come true for outdoorsy types. In addition to breathtaking hiking trails, this Asian region is home to spiritual sightings like monasteries, temples, and palaces, all of which will make you appreciate just how vast and incredible the world is. Into wildlife exploration? Just south of the mountains rests forests that are home to some of the world’s most exotic animals. Nepal is certainly one of the most unique and miraculous places to visit making it perfect for travelers who want to see something totally new.


  • Miami, Florida


Maybe it’s because of all the tourists and university students, but for whatever reason, flights and car rentals come cheap in Miami. Explore all that sunny South Florida has to offer and take a scenic drive from the Florida Keys to Key West. Don’t forget to stop for some local key lime pie along the way. This is the affordable tropical vacation you’ve been searching for. Got a lapdog that’s coming with you on the flight? Help your fur baby relax beforehand with the right CBD oil for your dog. You came to the beach to relax, but are you really relaxing? Click here to learn the key components of true rest. 


  • The Land of Gold 


Also known as Ghana, this region of Africa has sandy beaches and busy cities that intrigue visitors from around the world. Indulge in authentic foods like waakye and jollof rice or try some of the locally made chocolate. It is one of the biggest suppliers of coca, after all. The area’s main attractions include Cape Coast Castle, Jamestown, and Kakum National Park. Visit between October and February to catch some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.

You can acknowledge the irony of cheap travel in a toxic world all you want, but don’t let your cynicism prevent you from taking up these awesome traveling opportunities. You can save bundles and get the experiences you’ve been craving after so many days stuck in quarantine. Happy travels!