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Carbomer Toxicity: Is Carbomer 940 Safe to Use?

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November 10, 2020
carbomer toxicity

Did you know that there is an average of 88 chemicals that are used in more than 73,000 products that have been linked to birth defects, reproductive harm, or cancer?

If you’ve recently taken at researching the types of products that you’re consistently exposing your body to, you may be wondering if carbomer 940 is a safe product for you to be using.

In this guide we’re going to break down the safety of carbomer 940, carbomer toxicity, and if this product really is something that you should be exposing your body to. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Carbomer?

Carbomers are a type of high molecular weight type of polymers, that come from acrylic acid. Carbomers are commonly used throughout the cosmetic industry because they’re efficient at suspending solids. Also, carbomers are great for stabilizing emulsions.

Another trait that carbomers display is their smooth skill feel, which is what makes this chemical commonly used in cosmetic formulations. Carbomers are also great to thicken water, without the use of electrolytes. It can also be used to stabilize water in an emulsion that contains both oil and water.

What Is Carbomer 940?

Carbomer 940 is a type of polyvinyl carboxy polymer. carbomer 940 is used in nail care, health care, skincare, and makeup products. This is because carbomer 940 acts as a gelling agent, a viscosity enhancer, and a suspension agent in certain types of products.

In addition, carbomer 940 also helps to improve the glide and softness of products. Many manufacturers use carbomer 940 because it is an affordable additive to use, in comparison to other available agents.

Carbomer Toxicity: Is This Chemical Safe?

If you’re worried about carbomer toxicity, this chemical has been tested thoroughly. all of the assessments completed on carbomer toxicity have found that the risk that carbomer toxicity poses is very minimal. Studies have found that this chemical doesn’t have to pose any safety threats to the organ systems, the environment, reproductive health, or bioaccumulation.

Even more importantly, the Cosmetics Industry Review Board has marked carbomer safe to be used in cosmetics. Since carbomer has been used in the cosmetic industry for the last 50 years, and there haven’t been any reports of toxicity or safety concerns, it has proven that to be a safe chemical to use.

Understanding the Safety of Carbomer 940

By learning about the carbomer toxicity levels, you can get a better understanding of if this product is safe for you to continually expose yourself to. Thankfully, there are no reports of carbomer toxicity. Since this chemical has been used in the cosmetic industry for the last 50 years, and there hasn’t been any research to identify any danger of this product, carbomer 940 is safe to use.

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