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How to Begin Your Career in Cybersecurity?

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November 23, 2020
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It is estimated that cybercrime may cost the world an astounding $10.5 trillion every year by 2025. Therefore, one shouldn’t be surprised that the global cybersecurity market is estimated to be worth $433.6 billion by 2030. Hence, one can safely conclude that the demand for skilled professionals in the cybersecurity space is going to explode. According to  Cybersecurity Ventures,’ there would be approximately 3.5 million jobs in the cybersecurity domain in the entire world by 2021. 

Cybersecurity is not just an intellectually stimulating field but is also quite lucrative. To build a successful career in this field, people often take up a hacking course for enhancing their knowledge and skills.

The employers would hire candidates who possess a specific set of skills and experience that can match the level of the company. Other than that, the candidates who possess high-valued certifications or the ones who have completed some ethical hacking course would be preferred more than compared to the non-certified ones. You must set a career path to build a successful career in the cybersecurity domain.

Cybersecurity Learning Path

  • Achieve a Cybersecurity Degree

The knowledge-base of the cybersecurity domain is pretty huge and no candidate can get a good job as a cybersecurity expert with the help of knowledge of any single domain. This is the reason why all the candidates need to get clear with the fundamentals of various concepts like mobile security, ethical hacking, digital forensics, wireless networks, and much more. The best way to gain all the essential knowledge is to achieve a degree in cybersecurity and get to learn from experts.

When you step in the IT industry to get a job with the cybersecurity field, the employers would expect you to at least have a bachelor’s degree. Most of the degrees that are offered by different training institutions cover all the necessary topics like computer security management, incident response, security threat management, and much more. 

  • Achieve industry-recognized certifications

If you wish to build a stable and successful career in the cybersecurity domain, you need to acquire knowledge as well as skills along with the degree that you take up. In reality, the degrees do not provide all the latest information that is needed to stay updated with the field. The latest information and skills could be obtained with the help of cyber security course

For enhanced growth and longevity in the industry of cybersecurity, one needs to keep on learning and updating themselves. Ethical hacking training can provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to remain effective in the industry and also constantly evolve. 

There are plenty of cybersecurity certifications and courses being offered in the market to enhance your skills, including:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker v11 – CEH-v11
  • Certified Network Defense (CND)
  • Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) V9
  • Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA)
  • Certified Penetration Testing Professional – CPENT
  • Apply for an Internship

An internship is considered to be the best way to practice the skills and knowledge that you would have acquired by taking up a cybersecurity degree, certification, and also self-learning. With the help of an internship, the confidence level of any candidate is boosted to step in the professional world and there is a huge growth personally and professionally. Internships could also help one to land a job. An internship will enhance the knowledge-base of the candidate, explain the ways for better communication, and also make better decisions in the job environment. 

  • Skills to acquire beyond certifications

Even if you have taken up too much hacking training and attained a degree and certification successfully, there are certain essential skills on which you would be judged. The candidates with high work ethic, adaptability, curiosity to learn something new, and motivation are considered as better employees in comparison to the other candidates. 

It is not necessary that these skills would be taught in any degree or course, but it would completely depend on an individual’s abilities. In the cybersecurity domain, project management and communication skills are also given plenty of importance. 

Cybersecurity experts need to be ready to adapt to the methods that are being used by the cybercriminals to breach the security of any organization. The cybercriminals would try out different methods for breaching the security, and the cybersecurity experts need to keep themselves updated in this field. 

Some additional skills that are required on the job could be obtained by:

  • Conducting self-experiments of attacks and counter-attacks to better understand the environment.
  • Read cybersecurity blogs, articles, attend webinars, etc. to keep yourself updated in the field.
  • Stay connected with the hacking community for regular updates
  • Never hesitate to ask questions to someone who can provide you with a useful answer and guide you.

If you are keen to build a successful career in the cybersecurity domain, you should try out the above-mentioned steps.

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