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    Is National Honor Society Worth It?

    Is National Honor Society Worth It

    The National Honor Society has been around since 1921, and since then, there are chapters in all fifty states.

    But is National Honor Society worth it for a high school student? There are many different Honors Society requirements to join, but if you meet them, you should consider joining.

    Why? Keep reading for all the benefits of joining. 


    Many students wonder, “Is Honors society a scam?” But the answer is no! 

    In fact, by joining, you’ll have access to apply to different scholarships as long as you’re in good standing with the society. 

    There are hundreds of programs each year, and you have access to an exclusive database.


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    Joining the Honors Society will also give you the opportunity to start networking with people who think just like you.

    You’ll be surrounded by friendly competition, which can help you push yourself and excel even more. You’ll also have people who can hold you accountable. 

    When you build up this network now, you’ll have a close circle of people you’ll be able to trust in the future as well. 

    Since you become most like who you hang out with, it’s great to be around people who are also focused on succeeding. 

    Serve Community

    In each NHS chapter, you’ll get the chance to volunteer and give back to your community. You’ll be an ambassador for your school and take on different community service projects. 

    Service projects can change your life and even inspire a new passion or career path for you before you head off to college. 


    Speaking of college, this will also look great on your application. You’ll also be able to attend webinars and workshops to learn how the college admission process works. 

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    This means that you’ll have all of the tools necessary to submit an application and achieve your collegiate goals. 

    Improve Grades

    Are you still thinking, “Should I join Honors Society?” If so, one big benefit is that you’ll likely improve your grades as well. 

    You’ll have to maintain a certain Grade Point Average to maintain your membership, which can motivate you to do well in school.

    You’ll also be able to network with people and create study groups or find a tutor if there’s a subject that you’re struggling with.

    When it comes to standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, you’ll also be able to find groups that can help you prepare for those tests as well. When you’re studying with people, you’re more likely to understand the information and do well on your test.

    Learn More About: Is National Honor Society Worth It

    Is National Honor Society worth it? The short answer is yes if you want to succeed, get into a good college, and save money.

    However, we know that you can be busy with other clubs and activities in high school.

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