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    Top 4 Hardest Golf Courses in the World

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    Are you eager to take up golf?

    Regardless of your skill level, you want to try your luck at one of the hardest golf courses in the world. These golf courses aren’t only fun but they also force you to improve your golfing skills.

    But with so many golf courses across the globe, which are the hard golf courses that are worth your time?

    Here are the hardest golf courses worldwide:

    1. Championship Links, Northern Ireland

    The Championship Links at the Royal County Down Golf Club in Northern Ireland is one of the favorites for PGA players — especially during the off-season.

    It’s full of bunkers, lakes, and hills. As a result, you might want to invest in extra equipment from Golf Gear Lab to ensure you’re ready for the course.

    One of the biggest challenges of this course is the strong winds that Northern Ireland is famous for. But we don’t recommend you avoid these winds — they’re what make this course lots of fun!

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    2. Le Touessrok, Mauritius

    Not only is this one of the most challenging golf courses but also one of the most beautiful! 

    Mauritius is a beautiful island and you’ll feel relaxed while playing on this otherwise difficult golf course. It has a slope of 113 so you’ll have an ample chance to improve your upswing.

    One of the hardest obstacles of this golf course is the huge bodies of water. You can find large lakes within the golf course. You’ll also find bodies of water from the Indian Ocean surrounding the course!

    As a result, you’ll have to improve your aiming accuracy with this course. Make sure you also bring extra golf balls with you if you want to make it through all 18 holes!

    3. Ko’olau Golf Club, Hawaii

    You don’t always have to go to far-flung corners of the globe to get a great round in!

    Hawaii has a great selection of golf courses but if you want to test your skills then you should visit the Ko’olau Golf Club. This is one of the hardest courses even for PGA players.

    The main challenge at this golf course is the hills and slopes. If you want to improve your driving and pitching then this is the ideal course.

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    4. Mount Airy Golf Club, Pennsylvania

    This is one of America’s most prestigious golf resorts and offers one of the most challenging courses in the country.

    The biggest challenges for this course are the lakes that surround many of the holes. You can also find many peaks and forests nearby so you can expect your golf balls to get lost now and then!

    Those Are the Hardest Golf Courses

    Now that you know the hardest golf courses in the world, you can try your luck at them!

    One of the best places to play golf is in Northern Ireland and the Championship Links is full of obstacles that can trap your golf balls. Perhaps the most scenic and difficult golf course is Le Touessrok in Mauritius.

    The Ko’olau Golf Club in Hawaii is full of hills and helps you improve your upswing. Mount Airy in Pennsylvania is great for long tournaments that might take a full day!

    You can find more tips on playing golf on our blog.

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