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Everton vs. Arsenal odds, picks: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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September 08, 2022
Everton Vs. Arsenal Odds, Picks Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Betting on soccer is a big business. In fact, the estimated global turnover from soccer betting in April- sept is said to be 359 billion British pounds. 

Arsenal and Everton are two of the most popular teams in England. So it’s no surprise that their upcoming matches are generating a lot of interest from bettors. So if you’re looking to make some money on the beautiful game, it’s important to know how to. In this article, we will discuss how you can place bets on different betting options and what are the best odds for each.

What does betting on soccer mean?

Betting on soccer is the act of predicting the outcome of a soccer match. Bettors will wager money on teams to win, lose or draw. There are also other types of bets that can be placed, such as over/under goals, first goalscorer and correct score. Bettors can also bet on whether both teams will score or not.

How does betting on soccer work?

When betting on soccer, the first step is to find a reputable sportsbook. Once you have registered for an account and deposited money, you can then start placing bets. Most sportsbooks will have odds for each match that is being played. 

To place a bet, simply choose the team that you think will win, and enter the amount of money that you would like to wager. If your team wins, you will receive your original bet back plus the profits from the odds. If your team loses, you lose your original bet. Bet777 offers to place your bets on soccer with ease online. Easy transactions and everything accessible at one smooth click; what else does a betting enthusiast need?

Understanding Types of Betting

Spread: Spread is a type of bet that is placed on the outcome of a match. The spread will be set by the sportsbook and will be a number between 0-100. 

The point spread is a wager that can be made on any number from – infinity to + 100. In this type of bet, you are essentially betting the underdog will win by X amount and getting paid if they do but not risking anything unless its less than 2 points in which case all risk goes away so an example would look like: 

Let’s say that the spread is +20, and you place a bet on Everton. If they cover the spread (win by more than 20 points), then your team would win and you will receive money from your original wager as well as any profits from the odds.  Bettors will wager money on whether the team they are betting on will cover the spread or not.

Moneyline: The money line in betting on soccer refers to who wins a match, with no point spread involved. You are simply betting on which team will win the match. 

For example, if you think Everton is going to beat Arsenal, you would bet on Everton Moneyline. If they lose, you lose your original bet amount. However, if they win, you would receive more than your original wager back based on the odds.

Odd/Even:  This type of bet is as simple as it sounds – you are betting on whether there will be an odd or even number of goals scored in a match. 

For example, if the odds are set at EVEN and there are three goals scored in a match, then the person who placed the bet on EVEN would win their bet.

Arsenal vs Everton: Who’s More Worthy to Risk Money on?


Everton vs. Arsenal spread: Arsenal -0.5 (+100)

Everton vs. Arsenal over-under: 2.5 goals

Everton vs. Arsenal money line: Everton +275, Arsenal +102, Draw +245

Everton: It has been outscored 17-5 in its past eight EPL games.

Arsenal: It has scored 14 goals in its past eight overall matches.

Betting on the favorite is always a safe bet, with a very small amount of risk involved. You can also check the most favorite and top goal scorer, as well as the performance of the team on their home ground and other factors. However, betting on the underdog will be rewarded with a higher payout if they win. So, it is important to do your research before placing any bet.

Betting on soccer is both fun and exciting, but it can also be very risky if not done properly. It all comes down to doing your research and understanding the different types of bets that can be placed. With proper knowledge and strategy, you will be on your way to making some money while enjoying the beautiful game.