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Top 5 reasons we love Fantasy Cricket

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June 24, 2020
Dream 11

Why we love cricket? The reasons are endless! Likewise, there are plenty of reasons to love Fantasy Cricket. Now that Fantasy Sports has evolved and exciting, don’t miss out the opportunity to have some fun.

Enjoying sports sitting on a couch with a bottle of beer was the old way. Times have changed, and now it is making a fantasy cricket team first, where you choose real-life cricketers, make the best combination and pit them against opponent’s or even friend’s team. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons we love fantasy cricket.

Thrill of competition, fun of sports

As sports fans, we are competitive. We get a great thrill in competing, get involved. Dream 11 Fantasy cricket promises the same. It brings competitive hunger in cricket fans and like your favorite team, you come out all guns blazing match after match.

While you playing doesn’t, in any way, have an influence on the cricket fixture being played. But, the way players perform in that particular encounter does affect you and your fantasy team prowess. One of the great ways to keep the fun and thrill alive with fantasy sports

Fandom, bragging rights

Cricket or any sport for that matter is all about fandom. Of course, you are biased towards a sport or a team. Fantasy cricket team is quite similar. It tell how much you love the game, how much you want to be a part of the action or how much it means to you.Daily fantasy sports brings you closer to the sport.

It can be another or in fact great way to connect with the sports lovers who share the same passion as you. You can take them on, record a win and get those cherished bragging rights. You can make a fixture more memorable playing fantasy cricket with your friends and if you win, you get the rights to brag.

Being the coach

Imagine yourself as a coach of a cricket team. Perhaps, fantasy cricket gives you that chance toget things done. It lets you being an owner, manager or a coach. You do your homework on the fixture, make strategy as per the conditions and opponent and field the best possible XI knowing who will win today match. Also, choose captain and vice-captain whom you regard as the best. It is a game a skill where you need to use all your research, understanding and skill to get the better of an opponent with. You get to make all the choices according to a feasible strategy. When the action is on, like a coach, you watch from the sidelines and keep a track of each of your team player. It feels as if you are a coach.

Makes cricket even more fun

Watching cricket is one of the best experience. But, you can 2x the experience with fantasy cricket. It does make watching games more interesting. Moreover, you will get to know more about the game and along the way. You can get to learn from other fantasy users and take your fantasy game up a notch.

Even those who were not involved in the game growing up, they can still feel the adrenaline rush with fantasy cricket. It will certainly make the T20 game experience more fun. Also, there are some games that you think are dull. You can make those fun and enjoy your daily dose of cricket that you not have otherwise interested in.

Opportunity to win cash

Fantasy cricket can be played for free but it does give you an opportunity to test you skill and knowledge and win cash daily. Most fantasy cricket apps have different level of entry fee or buy-in. There is no dearth of contest pools to choose from, you can enter in a contest with millions or join your fantasy team with hundreds or play head-to-head contests.However, you should not get too carried away and have know-it-all attitude when betting on money on fantasy cricket. Caution and responsible play is advised. It’s a game of skill but it has a luck constituent and a user must try to keep the risk as low rather than going all-out.

With all being said, it’s time for you to indulge in fantasy cricket!