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    Top 8 Games for Relaxation

    Top 8 Games for Relaxation

    Do you think that there are only action games where you should shoot your enemies and fight monsters? So, it’s wrong. Some games can be used to get money like slots in the bet20 casino and others are for relaxation. These 8 games will help you rest emotionally. 


    A great game of thatgamecompany dedicated to the journey of a mysterious creature through a desert studded with the ruins of an ancient civilization and populated by strange creatures of the cloth. Journey is not an abstract art project. It has a story, it has an idea, it has a philosophy, but it’s up to you how deep you dive into it. The game only brings the bare minimum to the surface. If you’re diving into Journey for the first time, perhaps your life will change a bit. Either way, Austin Wintory’s music and incredibly beautiful visuals combining simple shapes and tricky intricate patterns will stay with you forever.


    Another thatgamecompany game that came out before Journey. It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing concept. Here you have to control wind currents that pick up flower petals in picturesque green meadows. Grass and petals respond vividly to your every movement, disperse in waves as if dancing in time with the gamepad’s movements and merging with the music. It’s a true meditation. Music plays a huge role in all games in this selection. Of course, Flower also has a certain idea and message. Originally the game was released on PS3, but today it is also available on iOS, where it looks even more appropriate.

    Alto’s Adventure

    It’s a popular and simple game for iOS and Android. The main character simply descends from a snowy mountain on a snowboard, passing the herd of escaped llamas and collecting bonuses with coins. But the magic of the picture and the music works. Just one tune, how can it not get boring for tens or hundreds of hours? How did the developers manage to draw such a profound picture with such simple forms, involving your imagination? Only the developers know.


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    The game can be very briefly described as Journey Under the Sea. The meaning is the same. It’s an insanely beautiful meditative journey, philosophy and soft hints of history, hidden deep enough not to be conspicuous and revealed only to the most thoughtful. Only this time it’s not the desert, but fascinating underwater vistas, the ocean, cute fish and amazingly plastic, even rhythmic movement through the game world. Yet, why be surprised, since the author of the game is Matt Nava, the art director of Journey. And the music was once again written by the brilliant Austin Wintory, who does not do the passable things. If you try Abzû before Journey, you’ll be more impressed.

    Stardew Valley

    A meditative and sweet farming simulation was made in four years by just one person. Clearing out weeds, digging, sowing, going to town to trade and talk to locals, starting a family, expanding the farm, fixing up and completing the house, crafting stuff are what you can do. It’s relaxing routine in cute pixel art with soulful music. And there are bonus games, like fishing or resource extraction in the mine, where you can even bump into monsters. 


    EVERYTHING has almost no gameplay and is a game about everything. What could a game about everything even look like? Do standard game mechanics apply to such an idea? All you have to do in EVERYTHING is to fly as a spirit and move into everything: deer, trees, rocks, microbes, continents, galaxies, birds, mushrooms, spiders, bears, clouds. And then you can move around, communicate with other members of your species. This is a kind of humor. The stones here, for example, are bored, whining and performing special stone songs. But despite the irony and humor, this is a very serious work. It is also voiced by lectures by philosopher Alan Watts. Periodically, archival recordings of his speeches will be included, telling the basics of his interpretation of Eastern philosophy. 


    Minecraft will help you relax on two levels at once. First, it is a versatile and extremely intuitive survivalist building barns for the night and crafting junk out of sticks and sand can really distract from accumulated fatigue. There are a million alternatives. Yet, only in Minecraft, everything works so simple that you can get involved in a couple of minutes. Secondly, it is a sandbox. You think of nothing and build yourself cubic architectural masterpieces to your favorite music in your headphones.


    Entwined is a philosophical game. Through abstract shapes, bright colors, and a pulsating rhythm, it tries to tell a story about love, emotion, and the mystical connection between two living beings. It’s just a nice visual experience. You have to fly through a tunnel, controlling an orange fish and a blue bird, while flying through sectors of the right color. 

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