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    Tips in increasing your business page ranking in 2021 with SEO

    Tips in increasing your business page ranking in 2021 with SEO

    Do you want your website to be at the top and first page of the search results? Do you need to find the best SEO company that will help you generate leads, increase your rankings, and sales? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. 

    SEO companies

    Search engine optimization is when you optimize content online to improve rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. This process attracts more visitors to your page and creates brand awareness. This increases the sales of your products.

    Optimization stages

    1. Research and optimization of the keyword.

    The best SEO companies should be able to conduct in-depth research on what keywords are the best for you. They find a way to implement those researched words or phrases into your website content. To rank highly, your content must be filled with relevant keywords. You will approve the keyword and they will be implemented into different locations of the websites like:

    • Page titles.
    • URLs of new pages.
    • Any content created.
    • Meta description.
    1. Content creation.

    Updating content frequently is essential for search engine optimization. Stealing content from other sites is highly discouraged and punishable. The best SEO companies should be able to produce original, rank-worthy, and SEO-friendly content.

    1. Mobile-friendly website designs.

    A good responsive website design is compatible with a wide range of devices such as PC, smartphones, and tablets. They should load quickly. Smartphones are very popular and hence a good platform for advertisement.

    1. Link building.

    This is when you get a high-quality site linking to your content. This shows that you are trustworthy and authoritative enough to be ranked highly at search engines. If done wrong, this can be dangerous for your business. It is advisable to let the professionals handle this for you.

                   How is link building accomplished?

    1. Providing infographics that can be displayed and linked to other sites.
    2. Contacting other sites to request links to your content.
    3. Writing a guest blog for a site for them to link to your site.
    1. Improving the experience of the user.

    When you give a user a website that is easy to use, they will be happy and probably purchase your product. High bounce rates will lower your search rankings.

         How to improve user experience.

    • Creating relevant and well-targeted content.
    • Improving the navigation and layout of your website by redesigning.
    • Conducting A/B tests to know the response of the audience.
    1. Local SEO.

    They help you get to the targeted audience. It ensures that what you need is ranked at the top of the search. They increase the website and foot traffic for your business.

    1. Reports and analytics.

    An internet marketer is part of the SEO agency, and they improve your experience by reviewing your progress. They help you know:

    • The improvements you have made.
    • How you are ranking.
    • What new business you have attracted.

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    SEO evaluation process

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    Perform a two-way interview.

    The SEO company should be genuinely interested in making your business a success. They should ask you insightful marketing questions and give you the right recommendations.

    1. Check for references.

    It is important to know if the SEO company is legit in its operations and delivers good results. You can ask them for a list of clients that you can contact, to confirm their experience and results.

    1. Search and technical audits.

    Ask the company to do a technical and search audit for your site to test their capabilities. In a search audit, the SEO evaluates the site and documents to find out what is causing a low rank. In a technical audit, the SEO reviews the following:

    • URL parameters.
    • Internal linking problems.
    • Consistency of network connectivity.
    • Response codes.
    • Crawlability.

    Benefits of SEO companies

    1. They improve the search engine rankings.
    2. They generate and drive high-quality organic traffic to your website.
    3. They offer website design services.
    4. They help you to increase your revenue.
    5. They improve the digital marketing ROI.
    6. They increase brand visibility.
    7. They improve the experience of the user.
    8. They improve the speed of the website.
    9. They increase sales and leads.
    10. They build trust and credibility for your brand.
    11. SEO is a long-term strategy
    12. They do not use paid ads


    SEO companies should be able to create the most optimized site with high-quality content, that will be useful to the user when seeking information. If the case study is old, avoid such a company because they may be less relevant now. The best SEO company should be able to target the right customers by reviewing data like demographics, buying habits, and location. If your business is expanding quickly, getting professional help from SEO companies is advised. You should know how to interpret SEO growth reports to know if your marketing team is working right.

    About the Author:

    Ron Evan Tamayo 

    Ron Evan is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a writer who takes his time writing articles about traveling, psychology, and digital marketing. He learned about the digital marketing industry accidentally almost four years ago. He is currently based in Taiwan, taking up an MBA degree with a focus on Marketing. During his free time, he enjoys going to karaoke, traveling, and watching Netflix.


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