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    What are the Best Online Slot Machines to Play in 2021

    What are the Best Online Slot Machines to Play in 2021

    It seems like the situation with the pandemic accelerated the online casino industry and it has become our new normal. After traditional massive casinos made a change towards digitalization of their games, the industry has changed forever.

    People from all over the world have access to a wide selection of games only with a tap of their smartphone. On top of that, thanks to technology, online casino games are now more eye-pleasing with beautiful designs that can provide amusement for hours.

    Slots are one of the most played games in casinos, especially in online casinos. There are many things to consider when choosing the best slot games, such as RTP, bonuses, and entertainment.

    In today’s article, we will highlight the best online slot machines to play in 2021.

    Planet of the Apes

    war planet of the apes 2000

    The best thing about online slot machines is that many casinos started purchasing licenses from popular TV series, games, or movies. If you like watching movies then you’ve heard about “Planet of the Apes”. This is a Hollywood franchise that everyone loves, and luckily NetEnt has made a slot game out of it.

    It is something truly remarkable just because it is one of the first slot games that went through a lot of game development and production in order to look like this. The Planet of the Apes has exceptional graphic and visual effects, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

    It is a 5 reel game that has 20 pay lines. Each pg slot has a character picture from the movie and provides an RTP of 96.33% which is not as significant as other slot games.

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    Gonzo’s Quest

    This is probably one of the first online slot games that went live back in 2010. This is another NetEnt creation that is ruling the market ever since. It features a unique appearance with astonishing visual effects, which is expected from NetEnt, even though the game is made 10 years ago.

    This game also has 5 reels and the only difference from traditional slots is that you have five columns of stone bricks. It is a very entertaining slot that has a lot of bonuses and jackpot prizes.


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    This one of of the best Vegas-style slot machines according to TwinSpires Edge. Here we have a more traditional-looking slot game that will definitely fall in the top 3 choices of most players. 

    Starburst is developed by NetEnt and it features 5 reel mechanisms with 20 pay lines. The game is visually pleasing, and it has a similar design to what we are used to seeing in traditional casinos.

    Starburst has a 96.10% RTP, which isn’t a lot, but it has one of the best bonus systems for online slot games. Bonuses are designed to keep you entertained for hours, and you might end up winning a lot of money. 

    Age of Asgard


    Now we move to a move game-like online slot made by Yggdrasil which is one of the most popular software companies in the casino industry. The game is designed back in 2019 and it caught the attention of many online casino players. 

    The game features an interesting design similar to “World of Warcraft” and has a high chance of winning a lot of money. 

    Age of Asgard has 5 reel designs with 50 pay lines. The slot has a unique design that lets you score many combinations. The slot offers many bonuses like free spins, and you can win up to $488,860 on the highest betting setting.

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    Final Words

    There are new slot games coming every day. Software and game companies are developing new gambling games that are more interesting to play than ever. It seems like software companies notice that slot games are more than just spinning symbols and that they have to focus more on making games look better.

    With that said, we expect the online casino industry to become even more competitive in the future, which means that players will enjoy more slot games that are pushing the limits of technology.


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