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What Are the Pros and Cons of Paid Media Advertising?

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May 23, 2022
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Paid media advertising is one of the best ways to help a company grow, but it’s not all perfect.  There are many different forms of paid media advertising and many ways in which this might not work for your business.  

These are the pros and cons of paid media advertising and what they could mean for your company.

Low-Risk Promotion

The best part of paid media advertising is the low risk that comes with it.  A lot of this form of advertising is far cheaper than many other forms of traditional advertising and gives your company the chance to reach further in the markets.

Of course, this depends entirely on your company.  For an older audience, you may have better results from television advertising, while for a younger audience, you’ll want to pin down advertising on social media.

Frequency Control Problems

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stop the same advertisement from running multiple times in front of the same customer.  This can lead to them ignoring it or, in the worst cases, becoming antagonistic and annoyed with the company because of the frequency they’ve seen its name and branding.  It’s important to find a balance and spread your advertising over a large market to ensure annoyance doesn’t result.

You Can Run Them As Long As You Want

Paid media advertising can be timeless!  From advertising through SEO lasting as long as those websites are running to gaining eyes by running promotions on Twitter: these ads can run as long as you want them to.  This is awesome and can be cost-effective for any company starting out with a smaller budget.

Ignoring Due to Advertising Saturation

The internet is run on advertisements.  If a website is free for people to use, they’re going to be covered in advertisements so that the site can keep running.  This has led to two generations who no longer pay attention to advertisements and might skip them on instinct.  It’s vital that you change how you advertise and ensure that it catches the eyes and imagination of your audience in a way that other ads can’t.  Although this can sound difficult, creativity is the backbone of any good advertising campaign.

Measurable Results

Working with a PPC ads agency means that you can check back to see how many clicks and views your content gained from it.  This gives you the opportunity to change and shift things over time and rethink how you advertise again and again until you reach that perfect mix for your company.  It might take a while to make your perfect match, but you’ll be amazed at how much a small change can shift how customers interact with your content.  Having measurable results gives you the opportunity to change your ads as many times as you want: which is something traditional advertising could never do.

Every Company Should Consider Their Advertising

Whether this is your first company or you’re starting up a new venture: it’s vital that you understand the importance and wild variety of advertising out there.  Consider what could help your company grow, and go after it.