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Reasons to Move to Chicago

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September 30, 2021

Chicago ranks third in the largest city in the US. This means high-end technological advancements and top-notch convince, which would make daily living more fun and less chore for you. If you’re considering a cross-country move, here are some practical reasons to move to Chicago.


While Chicagoans are die-hard art lovers, they equally love the game of sports. This city is probably the only city that has the largest number of teams to watch out for. Unlike most states, this city has two top MLB baseball teams, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs. There are also the top favorite teams from different sports, the Chicago Bulls (basketball), the soccer team Chicago Red Stars, and the Chicago Blackhawks (hockey). The best part, you get to watch up to eight major leagues in the city. 


Speaking of, there’s no neighborhood as uniquely patterned as the streets of Chicago. With over 77 distinct vibrant communities, there’s no way you wouldn’t meet people with different personalities, with a large population of movers from Boston to Chicago. Whatever you vibe to, you have a lot of Chicago neighborhoods to choose from. Logan Square offers you the hip lifestyle, Pilsen is that creative Latino zone you want to be in, and you even get to enjoy the glorious Mexican dishes. For dance lovers, you wouldn’t want to miss the populated community of Damen. 

Live Music

One of the reasons you want to move to Chicago is its love for music. Chicago music life continues to be one intimate occasion residents never fail to miss. There’s an abundance of live music from every corner of the city. Among a few notable music venues in the district is the Chicago Theatre, which hosts legendary artists, comedy, and even the ever-anticipated Broadway shows throughout the years, Thiala Hall and the Lincoln Hall that offers an intimate venue for music lovers. There’s also the Argon Ballroom that spots an exceptional architectural design. 

For over three decades, Chicagoans have formed a bond with Metro, one popularly frequented live music venue. Here, you get to watch the local upcoming artists perform. Another top music venue is the Vic Theatre, one of the oldest music venues with top-notch acoustic instruments.  Whether you love listening to low-key tunes or indie and jazz music, the windy city of Chicago offers them all. 


If you love going on a spending spree, this city should definitely be your next stop. Along the streets of Chicago are different luxury brands and chic fashion stores that will dress you up to look like a celebrity. Walk through the Magnificent Mile to start your shopping spree at any time of the day. 

Job Market

The last few years have been quite favorable to the city’s labour market. In fact, statistics show a fast-growing job market when compared to other cities as a whole. Whether you specialize in providing professional services or find the insurance and banking sector interesting, there’s always a job opening for you. Even the technology sector and healthcare system today continue to notice drastic advancement than in most states. 


Chicagoans are pros when it comes to throwing an event, whether live or virtual. For the most part, music festivals, Broadway shows, theatrical events, talent hunts, country fairs, and culinary events find a host of residents trudging in daily. Staying in this district would mean going out every weekday or weekend for one event or the other. In short, you always have something to do. 

Likewise, holidays are fun in this city. While every day could hold one event or the other, days like the St. Patrick feast, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and other nationally recognized feast days are special days that will make you feel the love of family. 

Public Transportation

Chicago boasts of having one of the best low-priced public transportation systems. With as little as $3, easily navigate your way anywhere around the city on time. Chicago’s subway keeps vehicles running on an elevated track, only to stop in the Loop, the city center where businesses take place. Beyond that, Chicago’s public transit system runs eight train lanes and over 140 bus routes. 

While the public transit is mostly reliable, it can also be one tough notch to crack, especially when shuttling from different ends of the city. There aren’t many east-west train lines, and the trips could take longer than expected, particularly when you have to shuffle between trains and buses.  

Outdoor Attractions

In Chicago, it’s never too challenging to bask in the joys of nature. The city boasts of an incredible lakefront view, which can be seen from any neighborhood. There’s also the 880-acres landmass of green plots filled with major bird reserves and over 600 parks. If you’re considering moving with your family, Chicago’s outdoor space keeps your child around a ten-minute walk to the playground from your home, as the district brags over 300 playgrounds. There’s also the Millennium Park for the ice-skating enthusiasts, the Maggie Daley Park for kids, the Lincoln Zoo Park for sports buffs. 

History, Arts & Culture A-Plenty

You wouldn’t find more art, history, and cultural pieces in one place than in Chicago. Places like Chicago’s History Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum of National History, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Cultural Centre, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the National Museum of Mexican Art houses tons of history, multimedia, and artistic exhibits and some of the most coveted art pieces in the world.  


When it comes to the food scene, Chicago is no stranger to the specialty culinary delicacies that would make your mouth water. The city offers diverse food options you can choose from around the globe. From Chicago classic cuisines like the vegan-styled delicacy, Chicago-style hot dog, and the deep-dish pizza, you have numerous options to go for. Or craving an Italian beef sandwich, Chinese specialty Duck Duck Goat, you’ve got every cuisine that may entertain your taste bud.