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10 Amazing Resident Event Ideas for the Holiday Season

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September 27, 2022
Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start organizing some memorable festive events!

Holiday resident events not only bring out the festive cheer but also help occupants come together in ways that they’ll remember. Fun, food, and drinks are the hallmark of Christmas fun, providing all the ingredients for Instagrammable posts and memorable tags. 

With an engagement platform everything is taken care of, making it easy to organize everything from booking events and RSVPing to rewarding positive reviews and shares. Below, you’ll find 10 amazing resident event ideas for the Holidays that your community will love, all of which can be found through a resident events platform.

  1. Winter cocktails 101

Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, residents absolutely love mixology classes. To fit in with the festivities, a Winter Cocktail Class from an resident events marketplace gives residents the chance to concoct a winning combination or have fun trying at least!

Cocktail events are always a hit with residents and are typically among the most well-attended.  Use this popular event to gather reviews, encourage social media sharing, and keep your community connected. With festive flavors on offer overseen by an expert mixologist, this is a guaranteed hit.

  1. Board games & beer

Most of us have childhood memories of playing board games at Christmas with family and friends. This event brings back those feelings of nostalgia and improves on it by providing plenty of beer.

Set off with some holiday music, some friendly competition, and festive lighting and a board game and beer evening provides a winning formula for magical memories. It not only provides the chance to slow down and relax with other residents but as the evening draws on and the beers flow, the real fun begins!

  1. Christmas outdoor movie

An outdoor Christmas movie showing is one of the best ways to bring different events together to create a truly special event that residents will never forget. Movies can be screened on rooftops, courtyards, or any other outdoor space you have available.

Residents relish the chance to dig out their favorite scarves, gloves, and thickest winter coat to enjoy a holiday movie hit. Consider combining a movie showing with other activities such as the Boozy Irish Coffee Bar to give residents the ultimate winter evening that will have the whole property buzzing.

  1. Chocolate fondue night

Silky smooth melted chocolate, freshly cut strawberries, marshmallows, doughnut balls and other goodies come together in this event to create an indulgent treat for your residents. The chocolate fondue station can be set up as a special treat for residents in lobbies or even used as part of a bigger event, with your platform streamlining the whole process.

Residents simply skewer their favorite snack and let the high-quality, liquid chocolate coat it completely. This event really lets residents release their inner child and acts as a great icebreaker to get people talking.

  1. Holiday pop-up meal

Partnering with local restaurants, a pop-up meal is a holiday resident event that brings the dining experience to your property. Far from a simple takeaway dinner, these events have local food outlets prepare meals there and then for residents allowing them to sample the local flavors. With a wide range of options available, an events marketplace does the legwork for you making it easy to 

Pop-up meal events are a resident favorite and when combined with the fun of the holiday season, it can provide plenty of talking points before and after the event.

  1. Gingerbread cookie decorating shop

Making things together is one of the best ways for communities to bond. With the air already full of holiday magic, a gingerbread cookie decorating shop gives residents the chance to relive childhood memories and build new ones with new friends.

The class provides everything residents need with expert guidance and advice on techniques and creative ideas. Best of all, residents get to keep and eat everything they make. Encourage residents to share their creations on the social feed and other social media platforms with a pre-arranged hashtag for maximum exposure.

  1. Holiday quiz night

While regular trivia nights are a multifamily must, a holiday-themed quiz hosted by none other than Santa himself is an event that will have the whole property attending. Depending on your community’s age range and demographic, you can cater this quiz to be as child-friendly or adult as you like, with hot chocolate or alcohol offered respectively.

Holiday quiz nights are typically well attended providing a chance for residents to get to know each other better and share in little victories as they collectively recall the names of Santa’s reindeer, Kevin’s last name, and how many gold rings there were.

  1. Christmas Carols

It’s not Christmas until you’ve heard your first caroller singing. Bring in the holiday season in style for your residents then with professional Christmas Carol groups that can sing acapella or accompanied by a band.

Situating the carolers in the lobby or just outside your property is a great way to develop your multifamily brand image too. Passers-by will hear the singing and be intrigued, residents will feel a sense of exclusivity that this is their property, and plenty of people will be sharing videos.

  1. Boozy Irish coffee bar

The Holidays can often be a bit chillier than we’d like but this Boozy Irish Coffee bar experience is just the thing to remind residents why your multifamily is something special.

This event takes two of the world’s loves, coffee and whisky and puts them together to create a drink that is warming in more ways than one. The bar can be set up in a communal spot ideally on a weekend to give residents the chance to interact and have fun while sipping on their very photogenic beverage.

Encourage residents to share photos of their drinks with a reward system and hashtags and reach out to request permission to use the best in promotional material.

  1. Santa meet & greet

Lastly, it’s not Christmas without the big guy himself. Whether your property caters to families or professionals, no-one is going to pass up the opportunity to grab a photo with Santa. Combined with events such as ugly sweater competitions, this a highly Instagrammable event that is fun for everyone involved.

Reaching out to the nearby area and allowing non-residents to attend with young children also serves as good outreach, allowing people to experience something of the property. Turning the lobby into a winter wonderland, for instance, showcases your multifamily brand to potentially thousands of people.