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Does your Business Need a Wash Bay?

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May 03, 2021
Does your Business Need a Wash Bay?

Are you wondering whether to install a wash bay in your business? If you have been washing vehicles and other office equipment in your business premises, you regularly generate wastewater. And a wash bay is essential. It’s a cleaning station on your business premises; it will help you safely dispose of wastewater.

Which is the best wash bay for my business?

There are different types of wash bays; these are portable and permanent. And it’s critical to choose one that fits your needs for easy wastewater management. Permanent wash bays feature underground tanks, and you need expert civil constructors to install them. Moreover, the structure can be designed to match your requirements. Such wash bays are ideal for established business premises with no prospects of relocating in the short term.

On the other hand, portable wash bays are easy to install with no need for much civil construction. They are also customizable, and you can expand them to match the desired size. 

What’s more? You can dismantle the structure and reassemble it in another site if you happen to move your business. Portable wash bays are ideal for small companies or any business with prospects or moving in the short term.

Do I need a wash bay for my business?

If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, trucks, or heavy equipment, a wash bay will come in handy. It will allow you to wash your trucks and equipment on site. The wash bay will ease waste management in your company. Also, it’s easier to maintain compared to a stand-alone pressure washer. It’s highly efficient in truck and equipment cleaning and ensures clean vehicles and equipment at all times.

Wastewater management

If you wash vehicles and equipment in your company, you need a wash bay to eliminate free oils from the water. This is a requirement by the local state council and water authorities. A wash bay takes the wastewater from your company through different phases of treatment before discharging it to the main waste sewer.

The process involves;

Filtering– A silt filter traps and eliminates large particles of dirt and plastics. But you should clean the filter regularly to avoid blockages.

Collecting in a retention tank: The wastewater collects in a tank, allowing for the separation of oils. A standard tank allows water to settle for about one hour before moving to the oil-water separator. It’s advisable to use quick break detergents to allow this separation in the retention tank.

Oil-water separation: During the separation process, oil rises to the top of the water separator and collects in a tank for disposal. The separator then discharges clean water for further treatment, recycling, or disposal.

Efficient machines& Trucks

A wash bay allows you to effectively clean trucks and company equipment efficiently. This alleviates excess mud, dirt, oil, and many other contaminants. By so doing, you improve the efficiency of your vehicles and equipment. And this minimizes maintenance costs and extends their durability.

The bottom line

 A wash bay is essential in all businesses. Even if don’t you clean your trucks and equipment regularly, you still need it. A few drops of oil can contaminate your water, hence the need for wastewater management. For excellent results, choose the right wash bay for your needs, and enjoy a contaminant-free environment.