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How Has Artificial Intelligence Influenced Social Media?

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March 17, 2022
Influenced Social Media

You might have come across the word Artificial Intelligence. It has become quite a popular term in today’s world. Whether you first heard it in some science fiction movie or some technology speech, Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our everyday life. But what is Artificial Intelligence? We can get the answer by literally interpreting the term. Artificial Intelligence is an offshoot of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence aims to mimic the human brain and create systems that can function intelligently and independently.

Artificial Intelligence can manifest itself in many different ways. It is hard to say that any of the domains that are present in the world currently are left untouched by Artificial Intelligence. Be it Healthcare, Finance, Education, etc.; you can find Artificial Intelligence everywhere. Social media is one such field that has become one of the necessary parts of our lives. We use Social media for communication, entertainment, and even education these days, and it is nearly impossible to eradicate social media from our lives completely.

A lot of money and technology is invested in Artificial Intelligence to influence social media that companies and other entities can use to achieve various goals. We will discuss some of them below.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

The popular social media platforms that we use daily utilize Artificial Intelligence as their key component. Artificial Intelligence, which involves Machine Learning, reviews the enormous amounts of data users post on social media sites, and they can decipher that data to understand the context. With the help of this understanding, social media companies populate social media with recommendation engines. 

The recommendation engines collect data on the content you engage with, and then they display material that they anticipate you will like. This material can be either targeted advertising or other people’s posts that are perceived to be relevant. You can manually tag people in your pictures on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But, on some platforms, you can automate it. This becomes possible with a subset of Artificial Intelligence called Computer Vision, which recognizes faces within the pictures and tags them accordingly.

Through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is used to detect Spam and tackle it. The newly introduced Metaverse has taken the application of Artificial Intelligence to a whole new level. It employs Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to create a universe of its own. The best part is that businesses have already started using this concept. For example, Walmart recently became a part of Metaverse. 

Therefore, building a career in such a discipline is a promising endeavor, given that businesses and even government organizations across the globe are using Artificial Intelligence. If you wish to build a promising career in this field, all you need to know is the right place where you should start and the right tools that’ll help you get the job done. Accordingly, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses from Great Learning shall help you in your journey well and make you job-ready.

The deployment of Artificial Intelligence in social media is not a new concept. Recommendation engines have been helping businesses gather more following than the conventional methods. Multi-channel marketing has enabled people to look for products by reading and recording their product search cycles. More enterprises are using Artificial Intelligence-driven concepts than ever before. For example, you might come across sponsored ads for a product you might have been looking for elsewhere.

Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart have been using robust multi-channel marketing strategies. This is also reflected in their social media ad campaigns. This is the extent to which they have been using Artificial Intelligence and its perks. The more we dive into different realms, the more we will come across Artificial Intelligence and its applications. They’re everywhere, and their presence will only surge over the upcoming years. 


Social media has become one of the most powerful tools to shape today’s society. People speak their minds on different forums and platforms; businesses are following suit with their business strategies. With such a surge in usefulness and technical prowess, social media sites have deployed more uses of artificial intelligence than most other users of the same. It can study demographics and their distribution over a specific area, help businesses sell better and even help students look for the correct terms. Even the autofill feature uses Artificial Intelligence-driven concepts that allow users to look for the things they want instantly.

The career opportunities in AI are countless. Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly replacing humans in many tasks, but you will always need humans to create, manage and develop these machines to use them to their best potential. A career in this domain offers you a brighter future by being a part of the technological revolution that is taking place and promises you a high salary for the same. 

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