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    How to Choose Gifts for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

    How to Choose Gifts for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

    Almost 40% of the U.S. population are dog owners. Your dogs are part of your family and at Christmas time you want to include them in your gift-giving traditions. When you choose gifts for dogs, you want to get them something they’ll love.

    When you get a gift from someone who really knows you, they will typically gift you something you love. It’s the same way with your dog! Do they have a favorite toy, chew, treat, or other items that they absolutely love? 

    Sometimes dogs are easy to buy for and love anything you get them. Or you can get them something for training instead of entertainment. 

    But what is the best way to choose a gift for your furry friend? If you’re clueless about what to get your dog for Christmas, here are some tips and dog gift ideas to get your creative ideas flowing. 

    Dog Toys

    Dogs love toys, too! Anything from ropes to balls to chew toys are some of the best gifts that keep your dog busy and distracted. Popular dog toy brands to look for are Kong, West Paw, and Nylabone, to name a few. 

    When you’re buying dog gifts online, especially if they’re toys, you’ll want to do it safely. Make sure that the toy is the correct size for your dog. Toys that are too large or too small may cause choking or risk being ingested. 

    There are many types of toys to choose from such as interactive toys, puzzle toys, chew toys, balls, ropes, stuffed toys, and more. Be sure to read online customer reviews before committing to a new toy for your dog. 

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    Ask Pet Professionals

    If you’re not in the loop as to what toys or dog gifts are the hottest right now, as your local pet shop. They see the latest in merchandise and dog trends so they know what your pet might love. 

    Also, reach out to your vet and see if they have any healthy suggestions. Vets see a variety of breeds and can likely recommend something you haven’t thought of. 

    Dog Portraits

    A custom-made gift is unique and well-appreciated. What better way to show your dog that they truly belong in the family than to capture them in a portrait. Giving them a place among your family pictures includes them in a very special way. 

    You can even give a custom-made dog portrait as a gift to someone who loves their pet, and they sell them here

    Furbo Dog Camera

    Have you ever wondered what goes on in your pet’s mind when you’re not home? If they’re not crated, do you think they enjoy counter-surfacing or sleeping on the couch? If so, you can keep an eye on them with the Furbo Dog Camera, which records your dog’s every move while you’re on the run. 

    It even dispenses treats with the touch of a button from an app on your smartphone. You can also receive alerts on your phone from the app as well. 

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    Unique Gifts Stand Out

    Besides amazing toys for your dog, there are gifts that are more out-of-the-box. This is especially true if your dog isn’t into toys or doesn’t have a high energy level or interest in play. 

    Consider gifts like dog sweaters, leashes, harnesses, personalized colors, dog-treat makers, beds, bowls, training treats, and more. Above all, it’s most important to know your dog and know what they’ll love and appreciate and even what they may need. 

    Subscription Box

    The barking at the mailman will be more exciting with a dog subscription box! These boxes come with new toys, treats, and other goodies that your dog is sure to love, or not! 

    Subscription boxes are purchased on a monthly, bi-monthly, or other frequency, according to what the company offers. It’s typically a flat fee per month, and you can renew when your subscription is over. One of the benefits of dog subscription boxes is to try new toys or treats to see what else your dog likes. 


    Most dogs need to be kept busy, especially when they’re apart from their family. Dog chews are an excellent way to satisfy both a puppy’s need to chew and keep an older dog occupied. 

    Chews come in a variety of forms from bully sticks, to breath fresheners and bones. Remember to purchase chews safely so your dog doesn’t choke. And rawhides are not recommended for dogs of any breed. 

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    Giving Your Dog Their Gift

    Perhaps it’s really hard to wait to give your dog their gift on Christmas Day. However, you want to give them their gift in the safest and thoughtful. Here are some ideas. 

    While it might be tempting to wrap your dog’s gift and watch them “open” it, you’ll want to keep the traditional wrapping paper in the closet for your dog’s gifts. It’s possible that they might chew it a choke, or it could contain toxins that are dangerous for your dog. There is pet-friendly wrapping paper if you want to wrap. 

    A stocking for your dog is probably the best way to keep the gift hidden and your dog safe, especially if they’re nosey. When Christmas morning comes, you have total control over how they receive their gift when you pull it from the stocking. 

    Are You Ready to Choose Gifts For Dogs?

    It’s not hard to choose gifts for dogs. When you know what your dog likes or needs, the process can be rather enjoyable and exciting. What gifts stand out to you for your furry friend?

    Do you want to learn more about the best ways to take care of your pet? Visit our health page today to keep your dog in the best shape.

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