Top 7 Best Anime Intros and Opening Themes

Our childhood is full of many memorable activities, and one of them is watching our favorite anime shows and getting enthralled. Fantasy worlds are always fascinating, and these anime shows made us grip on it not only with its amazing characters and storytelling but also its thrilling theme songs. 

These songs have eventually slid into our playlist as they beautifully set up the premise of not only the show but a beautiful childhood. There are numerous anime shows that we have been hooked to so there must have been numerous theme songs which we have listened to. 

InVideo helps you revisit those lanes with its list of seven best anime songs for you to listen to the best songs out of a great playlist. Visit this site’s  Anime Intro Maker section to create your fantasy premise. 

Let’s begin with the list of mesmerizing tunes:

1) Rock the Dragon (Dragon Ball Z) by Haim Saban and Ron Wasserman

Who can stop humming this tune? We guess nobody can.

Dragon Ball Z is the most loved anime show of all time, but this song makes everyone go “Kame hame ha”. Created for the North American version of the show, creators Haim Saban and Ron Wasserman have put in all the heavy metal chords into this song to make it one of the most loved anime songs of all time. The song’s gravitas sets up the tough and rough display of power in the show and makes us go crazy over the powers of Super-Saiyan Goku. 

2) Pokemon Theme Song (English Dub) by Jaison Paige

Unarguably one of the fascinating anime shows of all time, its theme song made us sing it along with it while we rooted for Ash and his friends during their several adventures. 

We have named our friends after pokemon and have done a lot more than that. Pokemon Go turned us into real-life Ash, thus, taking us back to humming this song with elan. 

Sung by Jaison Paige, this song crawled back to the top of the charts after the release of Pokemon Go. It will forever be close to our hearts as it was a special part of many people’s childhoods, especially the late 90’s kids. 

3) Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul) by TK

It was touted as the best opening theme song in 2014 with its infectious beats which starts on a slow note and then launches into a metal note, which matches the tempo of the show which revolves around ghouls. Indulge in the song’s lyrics and emotions, and you would love it. 

It gives you the melancholic feels and also power to with the help of its powerful lyrics. The song, along with the visuals stands unique to all the other opening themes that came out that year, but this one stood out as the best. 

4) Go!!! (Naruto) by Flow

One of the most loved shows, Naruto has a special fan base all over the world.  We loved Naruto and his fights which made us cling onto this show and also gave its opening number a place in our playlist. 

The tempo of the song matches the fast pace of the show and the characters, given their skills. The heavy metal track enthuses viewers to stick to the show and enjoy the great skills, rivalries and fights that the show displays. 

5) Sora Iro Days (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) by Shoko Nakagawa

Sora Iro Day starts with a blasting note of guitar and drums and enthrals you throughout. The song depicts the pace of the show, which is loved by many because of the ride that it takes them through. The song delves beautifully into the premise of the show and makes you feel it. 

The track helps you to experience the characters and makes you emotionally connected to them. The song also plays in the background when the show’s graph progresses upwards, thus helping you to be in tandem with the flow of the show. Shoko has filled in infectious layered notes into the track and keeps us hooked onto it with the song playing on loop into our ears. 

6) Hacking to the Gate (Steins; Gate) by Kanako Ito

The show’s storytelling revolves around the theme of time travel. It is a well-written show which has indulging characters and a three-dimensional plot and blends beautifully with the moments that keep us on the edges of our seat. 

The plot is supported beautifully by a well laid out heavy metal track by Kanako that matches the theme of the screenplay and gives you the feel of time travel. The lyrics rely heavily on the various aspects of time with metaphorical references. 

This beautiful blend makes not only the show but also the opening song one of the favorites among many. 

7) Code Geass (Colors) by Flow

Another indulging track makes it to our list because of it being a great track of one of the greatest anime shows of all time. You will always be hooked to this track. It marks the character, Lelouch’s rise by making a mark of her own. 

The track is accompanied by beautiful visuals, which make the track play all along in our ears and become an integral part of our playlist. 

InVideo has tried its best to make you remember the lovely tracks of our favorite shows to which we have always been hooked to. You can then mold this intro into your video with a YouTube editing platform for PC and flaunt your craft. We all know that anime shows have a special place in our hearts, but more so their theme songs are the ones that keep us hooked to them.