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How to Play Matka in 6 Easy Steps

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November 04, 2021
How to Play Matka in 6 Easy Steps

As we all know that Satta Matka is one of the most popular and oldest games in India. Almost every state has its own ‘brand’ of Satta matka – be it Rajdhani, Dhoop, Guddu, etc. The primary concept remains the same – you bet on a number, and if you win, you can either take home the entire jackpot or share it with other winners according to the ratio decided by the group.

Satta Bazaar: Basically made up of groups that run these things – people who control these groups are usually mafia/gangsters. The online Satta matka games are very popular among Indian bettors. Mobile apps today make it even more convenient to play and monitor these games, as well as bet on them. All it needs is a great platform to place a bet on Satta, be it playing Satta Matka at Lottoland or any other app that sounds more convenient to you for naming some sufficient cash to your pockets. 

Go through the new features of the Satta Matka mobile app:

Going down the step-by-step guide as to how this whole thing works. All it functions is going through the steps making your Satta bet potential to lead you to make some good winnings. 

Step 1: Search for free play sites on search engines.

Search for free money-making websites with the ‘Satta’ keyword on Google or any search engine of your choice. Here are some examples of free play sites listed on top results of Google when searched with keywords “Satta Matka”: Select the one you wish to get yourself affiliated with, go through the details, and competitive application that gives high returns and holds High authenticity as your personal credentials might be on stake for not choosing a suitable application. 

Step 2: Create a new online account with these free play sites

For example, when you click on https://www.lottoland.asia/games/matka in Step 1, the website’s homepage will be loaded automatically in your web browser. Now click on the ‘REGISTER tab at the top right corner of this page and create a new account with one of the websites listed on Google for free play. Apart from Satta Matka, there might be various other lottery games you could try your luck in. 

Step 3: Enter personal information to get started

Enter all your details such as Email ID, Password, Password Confirmation, and then click on the “Proceed” button to finish creating an online account for the Satta Matka lottery game. This step is essential to prove your credibility in the Games, and it is important to keep track of your activities and authenticity.

Step 4: Log in to your newly created online account using credentials 

Insert your credentials in the login box and click on the “Log-in” button to start playing the Satta Matka lottery game on any one of these free play sites. This step might amaze you as a repetitive step, but this is considered to be essential for you as the authentic user of your website, and the platform where cash flow is involved needs to be highly tracked and secured.

Step 5:  Keep track of your activities for authenticity on free websites

These free play sites provide all the required information such as a current list of winning numbers, latest trends, and results; the last ten draws the history, rules & regulations, etc., on their website for users to view before making bets/playing Satta Matka online.

Step 6: Place bets using predetermined or restricted credit limit of the site

First of all, you need to place credit bet(s) with a predetermined amount which is generally an amount between Rs.10/- to Rs.100/- only. After this, you can start playing matka games online by following the same process to place bets for numbers or play games like Lakhana, Paplu, etc.

The real fun of the Satta Matka lottery game starts when your lucky number comes in any one of the six daily draws, which are held every day at 3:30 pm, 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 9:00 pm, 10:00 pm, and 11:55 pm. Satta Matka is played on special days also such as Republic Day & Independence Day, where lots of prizes are distributed among winners.