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    Justco Best offers coworking space in cbd areas of large cities

    coworking space
    Justco Offers Coworking Space In Cbd Areas Of Large Cities

    central business district 

    The central business district (cbd) is the prime business area in any large city. Most of the large companies have an office in the area since it is convenient for them. Due to the high demand for commercial property, rental rates are usually highest in the city. Though having an office in the cbd area of the city, creates a positive impression on potential customers and business associates, many small business owners, startups, professionals and freelancers cannot afford to own or rent an office in the area. To overcome this problem, Justco offers coworking space in cbd areas in some of the largest cities in the Asia Pacific region.

    Singapore based Justco offers co-working spaces in different countries in Asia like Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, Shanghai, China, Seoul in South Korea and Taipei in Taiwan. Additionally it has coworking spaces in Sydney and Melbourne, some of the largest Australian cities. One of the main advantages of becoming a member of Justco, is that business owners, professionals who are traveling, can work in any Justco office in the region, enjoying the same quality office facilities, infrastructure and customer service from their well trained staff.

    There are many freelancers and IT professionals who work at home and do not get any opportunity to interact with others. There are also startups who cannot afford expensive office rentals in cbd areas. Well established brands are opening new offices to explore new opportunities, and do not want to invest a large amount in furnishing their new office. To cater to the requirement of these professionals and businesses, Justco offers a variety of options ranging from inexpensive deskspace to fully furnished private offices which can be locked if required. There are other facilities like meeting rooms which are available on rent.

    All the co-working spaces are well designed with high quality steel case chairs, tables, office furniture, which is ergonomically designed. The co-working space layout is designed for optimal use and comfort. The walls in other areas are decorated using murals and other artwork. To ensure that the members can focus on their core business, Justco is taking care of all the non-core activities related to an office. The trained Justco staff will take care of all admin tasks like housekeeping to keep the premises clean, dust free, arrange for security and provide the IT infrastructure required, like WiFi facilities.

    Justco also offers mail handling facilities, and members can receive faxes, so that members can receive postal and other mail, faxes even if they are not present. Depending on their budget and other factors, members can opt for short term and long term rentals for the various options available. In addition to providing an address in a prime cbd area, and a comfortable workplace, Justco membership provides professionals with a large number of networking and collaboration opportunities. Members can interact with other Justco members who are also offering services or products, to get new ideas and leads. Justco also organizes events for members like business talks, social networking, yoga classes and movie screenings.

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