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    10 Gift To Your Personal Trainer for the Holidays

    What To Gift Your Personal Trainer for the Holidays

    Whether you’re a new client or a long-time friend, there are multiple gifts that will show the fitness trainer in your life how much you appreciate them this holiday season. Here are the 10 Best Gifts for Personal Fitness Trainers for Christmas 2021.

    1. A new water bottle

    It goes without saying that fitness trainers need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Go the extra mile and get your fitness trainer pal a personalized water bottle, so it doesn’t get lost.

    2. A Microfiber gym bottle

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    Microfiber towels are better than your standard bath towel, especially for wiping off sweat and keeping cool. Your personal trainer will love how fast and easy microfiber towels are to clean.

    3. A fitness activity tracker

    A fitness activity tracker is a great gift for any sports junkie. But personal trainers will especially love the personalized monitoring features, which include estimated heart rate and breathing reminders. You can also set up fitness trackers to display text messages, calls, and other notifications, just like a smartphone.

    4. Holiday Christmas baskets

    Everyone loves to indulge in sweet and savory treats during the holiday season. Hickory Farms offers several great Christmas baskets, filled with countless flavor varieties. These holiday gift baskets include everything from chocolate and sweets to wine and salty snacks that everyone, including fitness trainers, will enjoy.

    5. Portable Speaker

    Fitness trainers have to move around a lot to keep up with their clients. If the fitness trainer in your life has to make multiple gym trips a day, get them a portable speaker. Not only will clients feel more motivated with upbeat tunes, but your fitness trainer will also get to have some fun too.

    6. Gym T-Shirt

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    Every fitness trainer has a favorite shirt to work out in. Get them a customized t-shirt with an inspirational quote or funny message that will keep them fashionable at the gym.

    7. Headphones

    Having a great pair of headphones when you’re working out is great. Your favorite fitness trainer will love a pair of wireless headphones that makes running, jumping, and lifting feel like they’re in an action movie.

    8. Protein Shaker


    To make a natural pre workout drink, your personal trainer will need a great protein shaker for the smoothest blend. Shakers are available in a wide range of styles and colors for more customization.

    9. New Sneakers

    A quality pair of sneakers that fit perfectly can make all the difference in a workout. Swap your fitness trainer’s old sneakers for a customized pair and get their workout back on track.

    10. Gym Backpack

    Depending on the client, fitness trainers may need to carry around a lot of gear throughout the day. A sturdy backpack is great for packing up quickly and hands-free transportation. Go the extra mile and get one in their favorite color.

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    If you want to give a gift to your personal trainer, you can’t go wrong with any of the items on this list.


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