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    Making Powerful Business Presentations With Subtitling Services

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    Today, many presenters believe that all visual content should have subtitles. It’s the best way to make your presentation available to a wide range of audiences. Although subtitles have become quite common and familiar, not everyone understands the art of creating top-quality subtitles. This piece covers everything you need to know about making powerful business presentations with subtitles.

    What Are Subtitles?

    To create subtitles, you need to come up with translated transcription of your presentation. It’s meant to ensure that your viewers enjoy a real-time feel of whatever happens on the screen. Most subtitles will appear on the bottom of the screen in the form of text.

    Subtitles are mainly used by audiences who don’t speak or understand the language the presenter is using in the video. Still, it’s possible to use non-dialogue information for viewers with hearing problems.

    Do Subtitles Add Value To The Video?

    The shortest answer to that question is a resounding yes. Despite the location of your audience, subtitles add massive value to your presentation. In the UK, for instance, one in five individuals uses English as their second language.

    A good number of such people also feel that they don’t speak good English. That means you’ll be dealing with millions of non-native viewers. They need some help understanding the language being spoken by the presenter. The only way to achieve that is by adding subtitles to your video.

    Also, subtitles come in handy when they need to learn and speak good English. If you can do that for them, they’ll find your business presentation more than just appealing. Note that native English speakers can also use subtitles for a range of reasons.

    For example, if the presentation has subtitles, it becomes more accessible to individuals with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia.

    How To Create Subtitles That Work For all Audiences

    It’s imperative to note that there’s a difference between captions and subtitles, but they can both improve your viewers’ experience. To give them the best experience, you want to make sure that each subtitle has a certain level of quality.

    You should focus on creating subtitles that share accurate information without being distracting. For instance, you should know the pace of the clip or presentation you want to subtitle without missing the original tone of the presentation.

    You also need to pick the ideal video frames to commence and end the subtitles on. If you pace your subtitles wrongly, the entire quality of the presentation shall be negatively affected. Your subtitles should not appear too soon, as that would make the clip easily predictable.

    It’s also imperative to be aware of the number of speakers on screen. That way, you can easily change the pace and tone of the subtitles based on the next speaker. These are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when trying to create a killer business presentation.

    How Do You Add Subtitles To a Video

    There’re several ways to add subtitles to your business presentations. You can choose to use subtitling services and apps, overseas translation services, etc. However, the quality of the subtitles might vary based on the method you used to add them.

    To help your viewers get the full details of the presentation, you must pick the best subtitles. There are a few important factors you need to consider when adding subtitles to your clip. For instance, you should ask yourself the amount of time you have for a single video.

    You also need to come up with a good budget based on the number of videos you intend to subtitle. Make sure the method you decide to use is as accurate as possible for the sake of viewers’ experience.

    But if you don’t have the time to consider all the factors above, it’s advisable to work with a company that specializes in creating transcripts. They have the right resources to subtitle your presentation without skimping on quality.

    Closing Thoughts

    Do you need to make an excellent business presentation with a subtitling service? You can browse the internet to find the best companies with good reputations to assist you. Be sure to go through online reviews so that you don’t end up being scammed. If you have more questions about giving your videos subtitles, be sure to let us know by commenting below.


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