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The Best Vape Battery Chargers

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October 30, 2020

There have been many instances of vape battery explosions that have caused serious injury to people. They’re quite rare, but they’re dangerous when they happen.

This is why every vape user must practice battery safety, as well. Many tend to overlook this area, but it’s a must for beginners and advanced users alike.

On top of safe battery usage, you must also choose the right charger for your vape batteries. It’s not as simple as choosing the number of slots for charging.

Keep on reading below to learn the best vape battery charger for you and what makes them great.

  1. XTAR VC2 Plus

The XTAR VC2 Plus is a star on this list because of its wide compatibility. It supports batteries from 18350 to 26550, as well as more beyond that, such as 32650. It has support for Li-ion, NiMH, INR, IMR, and NiCD batteries, as well.

The charger recognizes what battery you’ve inserted and adjusts accordingly. It can charge two batteries at once at 1A each, which is quite quick and efficient. It also works with 0.5A, though.

The VC2 Plus features a large LCD screen with a variety of information. It shows the current, charge time, charge level, and more. It features a countdown timer while charging.

It has other cool features, like a USB output port, turning it into a power bank. That means you can charge another device alongside your vape batteries. It also has protection against overcharging, reverse polarity, and short circuits.

  1. Nitecore SC2

If your batteries have fast charging features, then the Nitecore SC2 is for you. It’s a two-bay battery charger that charges your battery super-fast. It can charge up to 3A on a single bay or up to 2A on two bays.

It can, however, charge your batteries at 1A if they don’t have fast charging. It supports 3 Li-ion voltages and NiMH cells. It’s compatible with most types of batteries, as well – from 18350 to 26650, 27 mm to 70 mm long.

The SC2 has an LCD display that shows the current and voltage of the batteries. You can override the current or voltage, though. You only have to press the button above the slot and hold down the C or V button to select.

It’s one of the most reliable and safest chargers for 18650 batteries on the market. Overall, it’s a solid choice that will last you many charges.

  1. XTAR SV2 Rocket

Another charger from the XTAR brand, the SV2 Rocket gives you more control over the current. You can either charge your batteries slowly at 0.25A or faster at 2A.

If you need your batteries as soon as possible, you can choose to charge at 2A. Although, if it’s longevity you’re after, a slow charge will lengthen the lifespan of your batteries.

It’s compatible with most batteries, so you can use it for 10440 to 32650. It also supports Li-ion, IMR, INR, ICR, NiMH, and NiCD. It can’t charge protected 20700 and 21700 batteries, though.

Its LCD screen is quite small, but it has all the information you’ll need. It displays the current, charging status, and battery power.

The SV2 Rocket has great security features, too. It has reverse polarity and short-circuits protection among others. It keeps the temperature low while charging, as well.

  1. Nitecore Q4

Many consider the Nitecore Q4 to be the best vape battery charger. It’s quite easy to use and versatile to boot.

It has four independent bays that can charge up to 2A, depending on the number of batteries. With two batteries max, it will charge at 2A. With three or more batteries, though, it will automatically switch to 1A.

The Nitecore Q4 is a no-nonsense charger. It doesn’t have an LCD screen, but it has LED indicators for each bay. It turns green when charging and it stops there to prevent overcharging.

  1. Efest Lush Q4

Efest Lush Q4 might be the most elegant vape battery charger out of everything on this list. It features sleek lines, a nice matte color, simple details, and no buttons. Don’t worry, its features and capabilities reflect its look.

It can charge up to 2A, switching automatically according to the number of batteries. It will charge three or four batteries at 0.5A, two at 1A, and one battery at 2A.

The LED indicators at the top turn white when you insert a battery. They then turn blue when the battery is full. It stops charging at that point to prevent overcharging. It also has protections against over-discharge, short circuits, and reverse polarity.

Although it doesn’t have many advanced features, it gets the job done quite well. It has a solid performance, making it a contender as the best cheap vape battery charger.

  1. Nitecore i4 Intellicharger

The i4 Intellicharger is another four-bay charger from Nitecore. It combines low price and great performance, so it deserves a spot on this list, as well. It has the best price for vape battery charger when you’re looking at performance.

For a lower price, though, it charges at a lower – but still decent – speed. It can charge up to 1.5A for a single battery, but it only runs on 750 mA on two batteries and 375 mA on four. It detects the batteries on automatic and behaves according to the type.

The Nitecore i4 Intellicharger supports Li-ion, IMR, NiMH, NiCD, and LiFePO4 batteries. It’s compatible with most of the popular types of vaping batteries, as well. This includes the 18350, 18490, 18650, 22650, and 26650.

It features Active Current Distribution Technology (ACT). This technology enables the charger to divert power from the fully-charged batteries to the other batteries that are still charging in other slots.

The charger doesn’t have an LCD screen. In its place, it has LED lights to show the charge level. It has the standard reverse polarity, overcharges, and short circuit protection, too.

  1. XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus

If extra features are what you want, though, you need the XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus. It’s a smart charger that does more than charge your batteries.

For one, it has a test mode. It lets you test the capacity of your batteries using the charge-discharge-charge process.

You’ll see the real and nominal capacity, letting you see if it’s overstated. It’s also able to measure the voltage and internal resistance using the probes supplied.

Once you’re done with the test mode, you can save the results for future use. It can store up to 64 records in the device.

Its other mode, the refresh mode, allows you to remove the memory effect of NiMH batteries. This allows you to maximize the capacity of your batteries.

Of course, the Dragon VP4 Plus has the usual charger features. It supports batteries from 10440 to 32650, and it’s compatible with Li-ion, INR, IMR, ICR, NiCD, and NiMH. It also has a port for charging your 11.1V/3s battery pack at 1A.

It charges the batteries at 0.5A, 1A, and 2A. You can adjust the charge using the button above.

  1. Efest Luc V6

The Efest Luc V6 is a serious contender for the most elegant-looking charger here. After all, it’s from the same brand. It has the same sleek look without much going on.

The V6 has six bays and above them is an LCD screen. This sets it apart from the Lush variant as it shows more details, like the voltage and charging status.

It supports most vape battery sizes, but it doesn’t include 21700 batteries. It’s also compatible with Li-ion and LiMn batteries.

The Luc V6 can charge up to 2A but only for two batteries in slots 3 and 4. If there are three to six batteries inserted, it will charge at 0.68A.

You can power the charger through a 12V source, making it possibly the best portable charger for vape batteries on this list. Buy a charged cell and you can also turn it into a power bank for your phone or other USB devices.

It features protection against over-current, over-voltage, short circuits, and reverse polarity.

  1. Nitecore i8

Have a lot of batteries to charge? The Nitecore i8 will do well for you.

This unit has eight independent bays, so it also has eight microcomputers for monitoring and charging each battery. It also detects the number of battery inserted. It then sets the appropriate voltage and charge mode.

For example, it charges at 0.5A for five to eight batteries. It charges up to four batteries at 1A and two batteries at 1.5A. It stops once the batteries fully charge so they don’t get overcharged.

The Nitecore i8 is compatible with most battery sizes, like 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650. It has two USB output ports, as well, so you can also use it for your other small electronics.

  1. Efest Lush Q8

If you’re not a fan of the rugged look of the Nitecore, though, you can always get an Efest Lush Q8. It’s one of the newest yet one of the most powerful chargers in the market.

It can deliver up to 2A for two batteries, 1A for four batteries, and 0.5A for eight batteries. It adjusts the current depending on how many batteries are in the slots.

It’s the bigger version of the Lush Q4 we reviewed above, so it has the same features. It also has LED indicators that turn from white to blue and the same minimalist look. The Lush Q8 also has over-charging, reverse polarity, and short circuits protection.

Choosing the Best Vape Battery Charger

The best vape battery charger varies for everyone, like how vape juice is different for users. To know what’s best for you, you must consider a lot of factors, like below:

Number of Bays

First, determine how many bays do you need. More doesn’t always mean better, especially if you’re saving money. Buying a smaller charger will allow you to get a higher quality one.

If you don’t have many vape batteries to begin with, sticking to two bays is a sound choice. If you have several batteries, though, or you’re planning to buy more, start with four-bay batteries or bigger ones.


Of course, this is a huge issue. The charger you buy must be compatible with the batteries you have. It’s as easy as checking your battery size and type and then reading the product description of the charger to see if they’re compatible.

The problem begins when you have more than one type of battery, which is common among vape enthusiasts. To save on money, you’re going to need to buy a charger that’s compatible with every battery you have.

Charging Speed

As we’ve mentioned above, a lower current lengthens the lifespan of your battery. However, it also means you’re going to have to wait a long time to charge your batteries. This can be a hindrance when you need a charged battery ASAP.

That’s why it’s better to buy a charger that lets you choose between different currents. That way, you can choose to protect the integrity of your battery when you have the time. Or, you can choose fast charging when the need arises.

Of course, your battery must be capable of fast charging, too.

Safety Features

Most of the chargers on this list have more or less the same safety features. Still, this is an important consideration, as well.

Make sure the charger you choose has the standard protections in place. As for the extra features, you can always go for them if you have the budget. Otherwise, it’s 100% okay to stick to the basics.

Choose the Best Charger for You

Using our list and tips above, we hope you find the best vape battery charger for you. Remember that you can always buy more than one charger. You can buy one for portability, for instance, and another for multiple charging.

Of course, getting the best vape battery charger is only the beginning. To discover how to get the best cartridge and other parts, keep reading more of our posts right here, today!


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