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Emporio Armani: Affordable And High-Quality Timepiece

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November 09, 2020
Emporio Armani: Affordable And High-Quality Timepiece

In 1975, Giorgio Armani founded his luxury fashion brand and had been loved by many up to this time. In 1981, Emporio Armani was launched to the public and featured a collection of accessories and swimwear that targets the younger generation. The brand also features a variety of timepiece collections.

The Emporio Armani watches are affordable yet guaranteed high quality. This watch is manufactured in Switzerland and produced and distributed by the Fossil group. This watch model is undeniably a great buy.

History of Emporio Armani Watch

Armani is known for its stylish ready-to-wear clothes but launched another brand named Emporio Armani. The founder Giorgio Armani crafted all his collections from clothes to watch. The company continues to innovate to supply the demands of the modern generations. Famous Hollywood celebrities even wear Emporio Armani Watch.

Emporio Armani Watch

Armani is not just known for its cloth collection but also making its name for affordable timepieces. If you want a stylish design but a pocket-friendly watch, then this brand suits you. If you’re going to show off a bit, wear this Emporio Armani watch that features unique and elegant timepieces. Below are the best Emporio Watch models to add to your list.

Emporio Armani Hybrid Smart Watch

Emporio Armani made its name in the timepiece industry. With the continued advancement in technology, Armani also created smartwatches. This stylish watch model is compatible with your smartphones. It features an automatic time, date, and time zone conversion, unlike the typical watch you need to set manually.

It is one of the best Emporio Armani models because of its high-tech features. This watch has silver indexes and a blue dial with black leather straps. It is 100 feet water resistant, perfect for people who love to swim. Overall, this timepiece is ideal for the go people or those travelers because of its convenient features.

Emporio Armani Men’s Dress Silver

It is one of the best examples of an elegant timepiece. This silver watch has a classic and stylish look best for your casual and formal occasions. This watch has a case and a bracelet made from stainless steel. You can even wear this watch while swimming because it features 165 feet water-resistant.

Emporio Armani Men’s Three-Hand Classic

This watch is simple but classy. If you want to use a traditional watch, then this model is one of the best choices. This model is a black analog watch and features stylish sword shape hands. The design of this watch is both modern and traditional. You can use this beauty if you want a break from technology.

Emporio Armani Sportivo White Dial

This timepiece is designed for women. The rose gold case and white silicone bracelets make this timepiece a head-turner. It has a date display and luminous hands. This features a unique 5-minute interval number than the typical 1 to 12 look on some watch models. An additional unique feature of this watch is that the hands glow in dark or low light.

Emporio Armani Retro Silver Watch

If you’re looking for a stylish design for your wife, this watch is a perfect choice. This watch is small and thin compared to other watch models for women. This is ideal for women who always attend business meetings and other formal gatherings. It features a basic Armani watch and is perfect for those who love minimal designs.


Luxury watches do not always mean that they have outstanding quality. Sometimes, you buy those because of their brand name and value. Emporio Armani is a famous brand because it is under Armani’s group, but everyone can afford it. This watch is perfect for those who look for quality without spending thousands.


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