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Top 4 Best Golf Courses in the World

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July 11, 2022
Golf Courses In The World

About 50% of the world’s golf courses reside in North or South America. With so many beautiful golf courses in one hemisphere, you would think the best golf courses in the world are all on these two continents. 

Yet, famous golf courses exist all over the planet, and deciding on the globe’s top golf courses is as challenging as the game itself. 

If you dream of playing the world’s best golf courses, it helps to narrow them down. Keep reading for a review of the top golf courses in the world.

4. Royal Melbourne Golf Club (East)

Home of Australia’s oldest and longest-running golf club, Royal Melbourne has hosted 16 national championships. In 1926, Alister MacKenzie designed this twisting track into the sandbelt region.

Royal Melbourne’s bevy of doglegs will challenge your targeting skills if you want a place to play where distance is not a priority. Be careful in the bunkers, however. Each trap has a cut edge over a foot tall.

Yet, if where to play golf is more important than the type of course you play, many courses nearby offer a challenge for everyone’s game. Check it out here for destinations and pricing.

3. Royal County Down Golf Club

Although the layout has been modified several times since 1890, Royal County Down remains one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. This classic links-style course cuts through the rugged foothills of the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland.

Nearly every hole features a spectacular view of Northern Irish majesty. At one glance, the Bay of Dundrum opens to the Irish Sea, and then, the 3,000-foot Slieve Donard looms over one of the world’s best golf courses. 

Royal Portrush Golf Club gets honorable mention as another of the best golf courses in the region. However, there is a long-standing argument among locals over which is better. Play both during one visit and decide for yourself.

2. Cypress Point Golf Club

California is home to several famous golf courses like Pebble Beach. But Cypress Point gets the nod as the dream golf course for every avid American golfer. Cypress Point offers challenges like no other golf course, set between the breathtaking cliffs over the Pacific Ocean and Santa Lucia Mountain views.

Unlike many of the other best golf courses, Cypress Point is shorter in length but more treacherous. But unfortunately, many will not experience the thrill of playing one of the world’s best golf courses unless they know someone with a membership. 

1. St. Andrews (Old Course)

There is no other place with the history and charm of golf’s famous pilgrimage. The recorded history of St. Andrews dates back to 1553, but in 1754, it became 18 holes of the world’s best golf courses. Deep bunkers and rolling terrain seem untouched by time on the Old Course.

Yet, one of the best golf courses in the world might take several turns before one truly appreciates its majesty. Only then will you realize why St. Andrews has hosted more Open championships than any of Britain’s famous golf courses.

More of the Best Golf Courses in the World

There are so many more challenging and picturesque places that it is almost impossible to determine the best golf courses in the world. But it’s fun to dream of playing famous golf courses around the globe. 

So let your imagination run wild and find your best of everything. Get inspired here with more fascinating articles and insightful tips.