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    Would You Kindly (Justice League X Male!Reader)

    x male reader

    Characters: Justice League X Male!Reader

    Universe: DC

    Warnings: Mention of illegal activity, and a tiny bit of swearing

    Request: Can i get a Justice League x male reader who is so has the power of mind control and their so powerful all they have to do is say: can you kindly _______? The Justice League spies on the r but when he gets captured he’s gives up. And decideds to stop But the league give him a choice join J.L.A OR GO TO JAIL. HE JOINS J.L.A.


    It took a long time for the Justice League to become aware of you. You covered your tracks well and it wasn’t until an outside source connected several abnormalities which led back to you, and they went to the nearest hero with their findings. When the group found out how serious this was, they all got to work on locating you and finding ways to stand a chance- which was admittedly hard.

    They’re pieced together that you had the power of mind control, and through security cameras with audio and talking to the victims of your powers, all you said before making your request that forced them to do as you said, was “Would you kindly”. It was so subtle and polite but it did the trick, and no one was able to refuse your request. Your crimes included stealing a large amount of money from a bank which you used to get an apartment, and you then ‘convinced’ your landlord to lower the rent and even let you skip months when money was short. However, you also had used your powers for other things; getting another ice cream free to give it to a kid who dropped there, told by the child, and you also stopped a guy getting mugged by telling the robber “Would you kindly fuck off?”. There were several other reports of people who had encountered you and had good experiences. Still, with your powers, you posed a threat if you decided to use your powers for the wrong thing.

    Bruce was in charge of locating you, with Diana being the first one to talk to you and Barry was immediately back up, then Clark, Bruce and Arthur were his back up if things really went haywire. Bruce located you and got a good read on your routine and soon they located a good place to confront you; You walked down a pretty isolated road on your way home, where there was no risk of civilians getting caught in the crossfire. “Hopefully there won’t be too much of a struggle.” Diana pointed out. “If we act before he’s able to say those words and give an order, then we’ll be alright.”

    With a plan in mind they acted, Diana several steps behind you so you wouldn’t notice her as the others followed from high above, until you reached that section of road. “Excuse me?” She called after you. You turned, immediately recognising her, and she heard you mumble ‘shit’. “You know why I’m here?” She asked, catching up to you as you shoved your hands in your coat pockets and chuckling.

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    “You finally caught on that I can make people do as I say with a simple phrase?” You questioned, and she nodded. “So… am I under arrest or… do you have that power?” You inquired.

    “We’d like to talk with you… if you’d come with me?” She opened an arm to request you to walk in the direction. You picked up on that first word, and you knew it was best to just nod and walk. As you walked behind you, you heard the amount of footsteps grow, and peaking to your left you saw the black of Batman’s suit, and on the right Superman. Oh yeah, you’re in deep trouble. As you reached the end of the street, the batmobile appeared, opening up, and you were ushered inside, where you were isolated from the driver though you felt the car move.

    Eventually the car stopped, the door opened and you pulled out, greeted by the Justice League and judging by the cave layout, you were in the batcave. A majority of the team were already sat around a table, The Flash even teasingly patting the seat next to him, and you did as told once again.

    “Alright Y/N, firstly we’d like to know about how you obtained these powers?” Aquaman asked, referencing to yourself with his hand.

    “I honestly don’t know, I think I used my powers for the first time when kind of sarcastically asking a teacher if I could go to the bathroom. Then it worked and on a hunch I tried it again and again it worked… dunno why that phrasing and that alone triggers it but hey.” You shrugged.

    “And you use it to better yourself?” Superman asked.

    “Not always. I only really use it in those situations when I’m desperate. I was a little shit in school, I barely passed and I’ve got a list of incidents from school so it’s hard for me to find a place that’ll both take me and pay me enough to live. And honestly most of the time it’s a slip of the tongue. I say the words and only then realise what I said and I’ve tried in the past-it’s irreversible.” You explained. “But I do like doing the little things to make someone’s day.”

    “I see…” Wonder Woman nodded, before she took a breath in. “We have a proposition for you.” She informed you. “Either you agree to partner with us, use your powers for good and to benefit people, where we’ll also input to make sure you have a roof over your head or… we take you to the police station and hand you in for the crimes you committed.”

    “That’s like asking me if I wanted my favourite cake or to…well… go to prison. Count me in then. What do you need me to do?” You told her, leaning on the table waiting for input, making several members smirk at your enthusiasm.

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    Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!


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