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Your Simple Guide to Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing

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March 28, 2019
What is Cryptocurrency? As you may know, cryptocurrency is a well-known term in the business industry and investors these days. Any digital currency that is valid for a real-time medium of exchange for products and services refers to as Cryptocurrency. However, in this 2020 generation, the subject of cryptocurrency is limited. Today’s investors do not receive much information about the latest crypto brands. In this situation, your crypto brand can reach out to potential investors via Cryptocurrency digital marketing. It includes “how to promote cryptocurrency?” as the major subject. Today, we are presenting a beginner’s guide to the Cryptocurrency lead generation marketing strategy. This reading fulfills the idea of promoting the latest Crypto brand via SEO and Advertising channels. Let’s promote effectively!

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing

To begin with, Cryptocurrency is a form of online money that does not include any central bank. It independently runs as per the rules of the respective Crypto brand and the tactics applied by investors online to earn cryptocurrency. Also Read : panerai luminor One of the most common and very prominent cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Did you know that the success rate of the Bitcoin marketing strategy has led to 5.8 million active investors? Today, one bitcoin price is equivalent to $6, 637.98. Thus, you can imagine the benefit that the Bitcoin investors receive in the long-run. Is your organization introducing a brand-new crypto brand in the market? Well. Take Bitcoin as the highest competitor in the market, or Ethereum that is rapidly growing currently. However, there is no need to lose hope because, with the help of the following guide, you can get millions of investors interested in your crypto brand. There are three major tools for your crypto exchange marketing strategy. These are:
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising Channels, and
  • Email Marketing
Let’s delve into more details.

Why does your crypto brand need SEO?

SEO drives organic traffic to your crypto brand website. How? SEO or Search Engine Optimization marketing tool revolves around the concept of content marketing. The more you write about your crypto brand, the more you will receive traffic per day. For example, while introducing your Crypto brand in the blog section, you must use crypto SEO keywords. If you don’t know how exactly to do it, you can check out some of the best SEO courses. They provide fundamental information on how to promote your website and especially the blog of your business. What are the SEO keywords? SEO keywords are the words that the investors or the general public have searched on Google (the high-end search engine). When you use a particular keyword, Google will show your blog in the search section or among the page results. But, there is less chance to appear on the first-page results on Google. Why? One single blog/article/content does not make a difference. To improve the outcomes of SEO, it must be a consistent prioritized marketing tool for your crypto brand international marketing.

What are the best SEO tools to check your competitors?

Check out the following most effective SEO tools online that allow you to check your competitors and perform effectively against their cryptocurrency social media and marketing strategy:

1. Ahrefs

AHREFS is an SEO tool that allows the crypto brand marketing experts to inspect the following factors of competitive analysis:
  • Generate organic traffic
  • Organic search reports
  • Search trending crypto keywords along with accurate searches
  • Checks content productivity
  • Track rank and notifies upscaled rank
  • Monitors 360-degree Web for international competitive Analysis
You can start a 7-days AHREFS trial online at just 7 USD.

2. SEMrush All-in-one SEO Suite

SEMrush is an award-winning Search Engine Optimization tool for running the following analytics:
  • Drives organic traffic per page
  • Notifies traffic insights from time-to-time
  • Runs keyword research for effective outcomes
  • Tracks Rank of your website on Google

3. SpyFu

SpyFu is a multi-functional SEO tool with competitive analysis capabilities based on:
  • Organic Traffic Search
  • Advertisements based on AdWords Campaigns, and
  • Generate traffic that leads to improved online sales
  • Additional Pay-per-click competitive analysis to review ad performance on social media and other advertising channels.

4. Mangools Tools

Mangools Tools is a 100% cost-effective SEO tool with trending features such as:
  • Backlink analysis for driving traffic
  • Website analysis for tracking crypto brand performance
  • Keywords research for SEO-friendly content construction
  • Rank tracking for finding out current and close competitors online
  • SERP or Search Engine Result Page Analysis for 100% relevant content construction

5. MOZ

MOZ is one of the unique SEO tools with the following capabilities:
  • Drives authentic website traffic and attracts potential investors
  • Improves website rank by performing local distribution
  • Allows to track duplicate content and avoid cyber legal conflict
  • Runs regular SERP analysis to out-do non-competitive crypto brands from competitors list.

Don’t forget about Advertising channels!

Following are the top-notch Advertising channels that generate a strong digital marketing strategy for your crypto brand:

1. Implement Email Marketing

A commercial email message containing 360-degree information regarding your crypto brand can boost traffic on your website in no time. To implement email marketing, you will need an email database including email IDs of investors all over the world. By sending out millions of emails at a time, you can predict to attract lacs of investors who will put some thought into your Cryptocurrency right away!

2. Influencer Marketing

Hire influencers with fan following in millions to promote your Crypto Brand in exchange for a fee. As per studies, many crypto brands promote their digital currency via Instagram meme pages, learning profiles, and finance bloggers. This improves traffic as well as leads to revenue enhancement.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing helps your crypto brand to grow in the long-run. Here is an example of crypto brand affiliate marketing. An investor visits your website. Your website offers a small commission to the visitor for sharing your website link with his friends. Further, this will generate new visitors on your website. To earn a small commission, these new visitors will further share the link to your website. The chain keeps going.

4. Podcasts

By utilizing Podcasts as one of the prioritized cryptocurrency marketing tools, you can broadcast your crypto brand on various channels that give you direct access to the public. Among millions of listeners, you can track up to 1000 potential investors who will go online and check your website. Daily podcasts remain helpful to drive traffic as well as improve sales-lead.

How to check marketing success?

To check marketing success, you can consider the following cryptocurrency lead generation tips:
  • Review Return of Investment (ROI) every month and writedown the positives and negatives.
  • Report lead generated per SEO and Ad campaign, whether paid or not.
  • Review Conversion rate; i.e.., the total number of visitors who turned into real-time investors/customers.
  • Track Sales lead by comparing sales revenue before the campaign and after the campaign
  • Review SEO reports, views per content, and revenue generated per content
  • Track your ranking on Google and take measures accordingly
  • Run online surveys to gain customers feedback
  • Review change in competitors’ marketing strategy
  • Make a report on how far you have come along your marketing goal


Cryptocurrency social media and marketing strategies work better when you are willing to keep track of the actions taken by your competitor. A high-end marketing strategy does not lead to success if your competitor is taking effective marketing measures to cross-way your marketing technique. How to resolve this problem? Check out the best SEO tools in this reading to run competitive analysis and prevent your cryptocurrency against the competitor’s action. We wish you good luck! BIO Albert Badalyan Albert B. is the Founder & CEO of Click Digital Marketing Agency. Holding a Ph.D. in Business Organization having years of experience in working with Startups, IT companies and other enterprises in various fields like law, vaping, cryptocurrency, technology, Startups, flood, and other fields.