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    What are The Hardest Pieces of Furniture to Move 

    What are The Hardest Pieces of Furniture to Move 

    Moving involves transporting different types of household items. Furniture is perhaps the most tasking and includes beds, tables, dressers, wardrobes, and more. Lifting such pieces can be tricky, even with help from family and friends. For this reason, many people hire a furniture removalist which makes the experience less stressful.

    How can I move furniture safely?

    Examine the floor plan of your new house, and measure all pieces of bulky furniture. And this makes it easier to position them rightly in your new home. Moreover, disassemble the parts, and keep all the pieces together. 

    That’s not all, though! Be sure to label the boxes for this avoids a lot of stress when unpacking. For the hardware and miniature screws, store them in labeled sandwich bags. Remove all the seat cushions, and put them in a garbage bag or large plastic bags. If you own wood antiques, apply a wax coating to protect them from scratches.

    How do I unpack? Start with larger pieces that take up much space, making it challenging to unpack other items. Once done, reassemble the pieces, put back the cushions, and clean the dust and dirt accumulated during the move.

    What are the most challenging pieces of furniture to move?

    1. Dining sets

    Dining sets are not something to cheer about when it comes to relocating. They take up a lot of space in your home and will do the same to your mover truck. You also have to be a little cautious when packing and transporting delicate pieces. They can easily incur damages and scratches during the move.

    1. Four-piece sectional sofas

    These seats take up a chunk of space in your home and, for that matter, square footage. Such sofas create a boxed effect, and disassembling them can be another hassle altogether. Still, you can easily tamper with the fabric, making it wiser to move them intact. This isn’t easy, though! These are bulky pieces, hence the need for professional movers.

    1. Sleigh beds

    Dismantling a sleigh bed is quite complex, and this is particularly true if you didn’t assemble it in the first place. You must disconnect the slats and metal rails and keep check on the screws. The foot and headboard are bulky and can easily break if not packed right. What’s more? Lining up all the pieces isn’t easy either.

    1. Wooden cabinets

    Most wooden cabinets are thick and bulky. Moving them may sound simple, but you must take some precautions to avoid damaging the entire unit. You can disassemble the parts or transport them as complete units. If you choose to dismantle, you must do this right and store the screws safely. The process of packing and moving such units requires a lot of expertise to avoid unforeseen damages.

    1. Armories

    Armoires are bulky pieces of storage furniture primarily used in the living room or bedroom. You can dismantle them when moving, but this tricky. Putting the pieces together can be challenging. They are heavy to lift and are difficult to move. Ferrying them as a complete unit isn’t easy either!

    Final thoughts

    Moving bulky pieces of furniture can be hectic. Whether transporting a bed or office desks, it’s advisable to seek help from professional movers. These are specialists who understand the best techniques to handle such items and will move them safely. Moreover, this minimizes breakages and eases a lot of stress associated with relocating.

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