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How Childcare and Daycare Can Use SEO for Growth

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July 29, 2022
How Childcare and Daycare Can Use SEO for Growth

Childcare and daycare businesses don’t need to be stuck in the past, relying on foot traffic alone to generate revenue. SEO or search engine optimization can help these businesses promote their brand and get more clients by ranking higher on search engine results pages.

If you’re in the childcare and daycare business, this guide will tell you how SEO can help you boost your business. 

Understand Your Audience Better

SEO involves using time-tested strategies to optimize your website to rank high on search results. In almost all SEO strategies, the key is carefully understanding your clients’ needs, demographics, and search behaviors.

Your client needs are why they are looking for your business or businesses related to daycare and childcare. Needs could pertain to parents’ or caregivers’ idea of what service you’re going to provide, such as a safe place to leave their kids when they’re at work or where their kids can interact with other children.

Knowing your audience’s demographics will help you create relevant offers and web content. Demographics pertain to your audience’s age, race, gender, income, marital status, educational attainment, etc.

Meanwhile, careful study of your audience will reveal their search behaviors. You can monitor user experience metrics such as navigation, clicks, session length, and conversion rates. Understanding these metrics can help you better your website in terms of on-site and off-site SEO.

Find the Right Childcare and Daycare Keywords

Digital Authority Partners said the best daycare sites stand out because of keyword optimization. The right keywords will help you create relevant site content or content that your audience is likely looking for.

Your childcare or daycare site could be where you showcase your services and highlight your brand of care. It is where you book clients and announce your opening times and your daily schedule or routines. Using relevant keywords on your content, such as videos, infographics, photos, and tables, can optimize your site and rank your content better on SERPs.

There are various ways to find the right keywords for your childcare or daycare business. Here are the most effective strategies.

  • Use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush. 
  • Create a list of general topics related to childcare or daycare.
  • Verify your user search intent to create relevant keywords.
  • Consider expanding topics to match the phrases your target clients use in searches.
  • Find the strength of your childcare and daycare keywords using keyword planning tools.

Do SEO keyword planning continuously to ensure your site uses relevant and high-value keywords that effectively target your customers. 

Craft Engaging and Relevant Content

Now that your keyword list is set, you can create engaging and relevant content. Your customers rely on well-crafted content to make a sound buying decision. In your case, they need your content to find out if they will take your service or go someplace else.

They could check out your about page to learn about your childcare or daycare business. This page must be well-formatted and filled with relevant and updated content. Photos and videos are also forms of site content. Adding photos and videos of your establishment can improve the user experience.

Other relevant contents for small businesses like childcare and daycare sites are infographics, tables, and how-to content. As for your service pages or landing pages, be sure they have clear calls to action. 

Here are more ways to improve your website content.

  • Understand your audience’s pain points. Be the solution to their problems.
  • Make your content different by checking your competitors’ sites and posts.
  • Use power words to amplify your title.
  • Create well-structured content for easy reading.
  • Include internal links to boost SEO and improve user experience.
  • Create a brief but engaging meta description to draw your audience to your site.

Optimized content for mobile users is another way to make your website relevant. The Merkle Digital Marketing Report Q4 2021, as reported by Statista, found that 63% of organic search engine visits were from mobile users. Considering this number can give you the edge over your competitors online.

Take Advantage of Google My Business

GMB is your free Google search page listing that’s the first thing people see once they search for your business. GMB engages your customers and invites them to click on your site or visit your physical location. Your listing on Google My Business can improve your chance of being included in Google’s Local Pack, Google Maps, and Local Finder. 

Claiming and optimizing your GMB listing can also boost your organic search rankings.GMB features your business name, address, phone number, and other relevant business information like your hours of operation and photos. 

Here are more strategies you can do with your GMB listing. 

  • Create a concise and engaging description of your business.
  • Upload high-resolution photos of your daycare or childcare business.
  • Create a GMB profile for each business location to optimize your business’ Maps profile.
  • Include a local business phone number so your clients can quickly contact you.
  • Ensure that your business hours of operation are correct.
  • Select the ideal category for your childcare and daycare business.
  • Encourage your clients to leave a review and rate your business. 

Aside from GMB, use other directories and citation sites online. When adding your business to these directories, ensure all information is correct and updated as needed. Some of the directory sites you should join are Care.com, Childcare.net, ChildCareCentral.com, Daycare.com, MomTrusted.com, and Childcarecenter.us.

With your business optimized in GMB and listed on other directory sites, you’ll have better chances of ranking on SERPs and increasing traffic to your business website.

Final Words

Your childcare and daycare business can benefit significantly from your use of SEO. With this strategy, you can rank high on search engine results pages for keywords your target audience searches for. As such, find you online easily and become aware of your services. 

Meanwhile, taking advantage of GMB listing also improves organic search rankings and increases site traffic, not to mention foot traffic into the brick-and-mortar center.